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Dead by 34: How Aids and starvation condemn Zimbabwe's women to early grave

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Zimbabwe, Darfur, Ethiopia, Somalia to name a few, there are so many African countries who are suffering immensely... after the colonization of them by the western world, do we owe them anything. The suffering and slaughter in Iraq pales in comparison, maybe Oil is the driving force for our "liberation" efforts??


    A rusted wire fence divides the old Zimbabwe from the new. On the one side lies Effie Malamba; born in 1901 she was buried beneath a granite headstone 90 years later. On the other is Sylvia Ncube; born in 1974 she was laid to rest just 32 years later. The wire separates Bulawayo's old Hyde Park cemetery from the extension opened this February. Effie lies amid ordered ranks of stone epitaphs. Sylvia lies in a chaos of churned earth. All around her the mounds of mud and stones, garlanded with plastic flowers, tell the story of the shocking disintegration of Zimbabwe, which now has the lowest life expectancy for women anywhere in the world: 34.

    The World Health Organisation has plotted this precipitous fall in women's mortality in the former British colony from 65, little more than a decade ago, to today's low. Speaking privately, WHO officials admitted to The Independent that the real number may be as low as 30, as the present figures are based on data collected two years ago.

    The reasons for this plunge are several. Zimbabwe has found itself at the nexus of an Aids pandemic, a food crisis and an economic meltdown that is killing an estimated 3,500 people every week. That figure is more than those dying in Iraq, Darfur or Lebanon. In war-torn Afghanistan, where women's plight has received global attention, life expectancy is still above 40.

    This cull is not an act of God. It is a catastrophe aggravated by the ruthless, kleptocratic reign of Robert Mugabe, in power since independence in 1980. The Mugabe regime has succeeded in turning a country once f?ted as the breadbasket of Africa into a famished and demoralised land deserted by its men of working age, with its women left to die a silent death.
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    How the hell can the neighbors of Zimbabwe stand by and let this happen? I'm not for US military involvement overseas, but if this were happening in Honduras or Mexico, we'd have to do something. Mugabe inherited a beautiful country and destroyed it with his racist policies and apparent mental retardation.

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