DE Charles Grant going Ballistic over getting tagged by N.O.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Could not believe the negative talk about his team on Sirius today as Grant was going ape over getting the franchise tag....He Said "New Orleans can never be a steady good team cause they don't want to pay their good players enough money and just let them go,thats why they can't be steadily competitively year after year"

    Now I know getting tagged pisses off some players but this is going overboard a bit...No doubt he wants out of New Orleans where he said for his kind of talent he is getting extremely underpaid and the tag was placed cause N.O. would never want to pay the same or more for him in an open market nor will they get any good players who want to play there at this point because they won't pay anyone, WOW!!.

    He feels severely trapped by the tag but thats how it is when you are the best or near the best player on your team and if you expect your team to come near the cap max.

    I never heard such negativness from a guy whose team loves him there and wants badly to keep him,maybe he owes someone or other ALOT of money and was planning on paying what he owes for whatever but ain't gettin it now when he thought he was going to.

    Something just isn't right...If you heard the conversation earlier today on Sirius you would have thought he was already cut by the Saints instead of being a player that they truly covet and did not want to battle over for in FA...I think that a cut might be possible if he continues to open his crybaby trap,I would not keep him,no matter how good he is,which IMO is one of the best DE in the NFC.

    This has all the makings of a disaster in the locker room for team unity down there in N.O...Especially when your player can't wait to get out of there next way he stays next year if he lasts thru this one,not from what I heard.

    Hope Asante does not feel the same way.
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    He should be thankful that they like him enough to use the tag on him period.
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    When you tag a guy, you have to expect he might not like it, and the only way he can get untagged is by having the team rescind the tag.

    Only way to do that is to be such a pain in the butt and major disruption that the team is forced to call it quits.

    Don't be hard on Grant. He is doing the only thing he can.

    This is totally different from Branch or Ogunleye, who held out on contracts. Branch/Ogunleye behaved turdily in refusing to honor a contract they signed. Grant and Samuel palyed out their entire contracts, and deserve to be FAs if they wish.

    And if they want to be FAs, all they have to do is cause a major commotion. It won't hurt their value in free agency a bit. Any team that wants to sign them will be glad they are forcing their way out onto the market.
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    The Saints are building a great team and something like this will only hurt it, IMO. Trade his arse Payton.
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    Grant, and other players in his situation and of similar mindset, have no one to blame for their "problem" but their union. To blame his team for exercizing its right under the CBA is, at best, misguided anger.
    Note to players: if you so despise the franchise and transition tags, then negotiate their removal during the next CBA talks. Until that time: shut the eff up.
    People like Grant are one of the reasons why I, in most cases, just root for the laundry.

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