DBs Playing Way Off WR

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    Grrrrrrr. Are our CB so bad now that we can't even play up on the line like we used to ? Or am I just remembering wrong ? When our guys are 10 yards off those WR it's like damn pitch and catch. I was looking for an aggressive bump and run to disrupt the timing and we got pusssy ball. Obviously that's what the coaches decided - I guess our CB just blow at playing physical.

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    Good point. Not only that, but their tight ends got wide open for some important catches. Way too much cushion for the Indy receivers all night. HOWEVER, I think it must be kept in mind both our starting safeties were out, so that might have affected coverages.
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    Why wasn't Asante playing Harrison?

    Also, seemed like they just had the receivers go deep, then stop and come back to get many of the sideline passes...

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