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    Do you think David is a reach at #28 where is the spot where I think we tke a LB.

    Heard some good things about him...Is it too early to grab him there? - Or do we take him in the 2nd if he is around by then...I think he will go no lower than early 2nd so I think we should consider him at #28,Especially if Willis and Siler are gone by then..Willis definately will be gone.
  2. cstjohn17

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    No too big of a reach... if he has really really really impressed the Patriots they can trade up in round 2 to get him. I doubt they would make a move like this for a LB especially a run stuffing ILB which can usually be found later in the draft.
  3. BelichickFan

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    After the 40 time he ran, none of our picks would be a true reach for him. That said, I don't expect a LB in the first two rounds . . . then watch them draft Moss and Harris at 24 and 28 :)
  4. signbabybrady

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    I like david harris as he has played 3-4, is an inside LB which we need more than OLB, and a hard hitter. from what I have heard he is a round two guy who shouldnt last to the end of round 2 so maybe we should trade 28 for 32 and pick up an extra pick and draft him there so we can sign him to a 5 year deal.

    our last michagan pick was pretty good
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  5. Michigan Dave

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    David is certainly a Pats type player. By that, I mean he's far exceeded what was thought to be his potential by working hard, and being dedicated to the game. David is very smart, and has a nose for the ball. He reminds me of Brian Urlacher in this respect (not saying he's that type of an impact player necessarily).
  6. patsfan55

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    well before the combine it looked as though he might be there when we pick in the second round
    now im not so sure

    personally i dont think hes enough of an all around linebacker to take in the first round
    i would take him if hes there in the second though
  7. JackPMiller

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    I do not think so. I believe there are 3 ILBs that are worth a first round grade. I feel that Buffalo should draft Willis with their first pick, because they will need someone to fill the void at MLB, and the talent is not that good when it comes to ILBs after Harris, Siler and Willis. All three I see going in round 1. CB and RB is not that bad. In fact, I feel from a talent perspective, this is the strongest group of CBs I can think of, as a pure group ever in any NFL draft. Sure, there is no big time stud at CB, but to me, is is the pure depth in talent. I think that Nate Clements is a little overrated. I like him, but he is not in the same class as Champ Bailey, Chris McCalister, or even Carlos Rogers(who I see will come into his own nextyear as one of the top CBs to ever play).
  8. signbabybrady

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    not sure if thi is where you were going but it made me think this...

    If CB and WR are heavey this year than we can get some talent in later rounds which makes me want Harris in round 1 more because we may not find a good ilb later in the draft.
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  9. JackPMiller

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    That is my opinion, and we have our opinions. Also, I think the talent at DE is real strong as well. I am a Rams fan, and I would be real angry if we get a DE in round 1. Also, I heard a rumor we may end up getting James Hall from the Lions for a 7th round pick. Hall played well with the Titans, but somewaht stuggled in Detroit, but who does not struggle in Detroit, unless they play for the Pistons? Just kidding.

    GHOSTOFSAMGASH Practice Squad Player

    i agree if anything they should maybe trade up a few spots to get him in the 2nd round
    if they miss out on him they could go after deossie in the 3rd or possibly with their second depending upon their opinions of him
  11. 14thDragon

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    Depends, Willis is clearly the tier one guy, the question would be who else is in that first tier, Siler, Harris or Beason are possiblities.

    Personally I would put Beason and Harris in the tier two, which if both are still on the board at 28, why not trade down 4 or 5 slots and pick up an extra 4th or 5th.
  12. patchick

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    I think Harris is in a category similar to Mankins 2 years back. Not a classic first-round talent, but there just aren't 32 of those in this lackluster draft class. So maybe one of the true talents slides, or maybe you try to trade down. But barring that, you just take a guy who looks like a great fit for your team and ignore the catcalls that you're "reaching." To me, that could mean Harris in the first or Deossie in the 2nd for LBs. (Or a 1st-round WR which usually makes me very nervous.)

    JackPMiller, it's interesting that you see CB as a deep position this year. I don't like this crop of CBs at all. The safeties, on the other hand, are outstanding.
  13. signbabybrady

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    I agree IMO Harris is one of a few LB out there that fit our system and needs. as he is an ILB in the 3-4 and we have two starting OLB and only Bruschi on the inside.
  14. JackPMiller

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    I'm not saying there is a top notch CB, like a Carlos Rogers, Champ Bailey, or even a Chris McCalister in this draft, but the overall talent is real good.

    In this draft you have
    Fred Bennett - South Carolina
    Marcus McCauley _ Fresno State
    David Irons - Auburn
    Ramzee Robinson - Alabama
    Micahel Coe - Alabama State
    Travarous Bain - Hampton
    Leon Hall - Michigan
    CJ Gaddis - Clemson
    Daymeion Hughes - California
    John Talley - Duke
    Darelle Revis - Pittsburgh
    Aaron Ross - Texas
    Greg Lovely - Missouri State

    These are only a few that I have named, and there are many more, but I feel based on this drafdt, the overall talent, from top to bottom is the best group of CBs ever in any NFL Draft. Then again, that is my opinion.
  15. zippo59

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    I agree. The top of the group is not outstanding, but there are some good players to be had in the mid rounds.
  16. patsfan55

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    why is nobody givin love to the guy im startin to really like
    chris houston
  17. JackPMiller

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    I do put him on there as well. I only put in a few names, and could of went more, like Chris Huston. As I mentioned, from a talent aspect, when teams draft in rounds 1 through 7, this is the best group as a whole the NFL has ever had. I am not saying you have a Champ Bailey, a Chris McCalister, or even a Carlos Rogers in this draft, but as a group, it is the best that I have seen, and of course that is my opinion, and some others will disagree.
  18. patsfan55

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    no, i agree
    it seems as though the wr and cb position has a ton of depth
    the thing is
    u could wait
    but what if all that depth is picked in the first three rounds
  19. VJCPatriot

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    I think because the CB and WR talent is so deep that you can land some real studs at 24 and 28. Thus BPA wise I'd probably pick from those first. If by some dumb luck Willis falls to 24 of course I take him but I think there's real fall off at ILB after that so I'd wait till rounds 2 and 3 to go after guys like Harris, Siler, DeOssie, etc.

    Always go for best talent imo. Picking a lesser talent just because there is a shallow talent pool at the position and a need is really doing your team a disservice in the long run.
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  20. SamBamsFan

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    Does this mean we don't pick a TE?

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