David Givens = Drew Pearson

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  1. rhubma

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    For awhile now, I have been trying to think of who Givens reminds me of. It came to me that even though DG is much larger than the former Cowboy, he is the same type of clutch big game number 1a receiver. Pearson always came through for Landry and the Boys.

    Other similarities that I see on the Pats to historical players

    Seymour = Dan Hampton
    Light = Gary Zimmerman
    Harrison = Ronnie Lott (an easy one)
    Branch = Mark Duper (took me awhile on this one too)
    Vrabel = Ted Hendricks (sp?)

    My big picture point on this is that all of these players remind me of major winners from the past. And BB and SP have collected them.

    Your thoughts?
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  2. dryheat44

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    An interesting exercise.

    Comparing OTs to me is like comparing raisins. They all look alike.
    I think Harrison is a LOT more Gary Fencik than Ronnie Lott. I know the hard-hitter parallel is there, but don't forget Lott came out of college as was a pro-bowl CB in his rookie year. He didn't move to Safety until he got older, much like Rod Woodson.

    I do like the Givens/Pearson comparison. He reminds me of Dwight Clark some too.
  3. upstater1

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    Seymour reminds me more of Ed Jones than Hampton.

    Also, Branch is more a Mark Clayton type.
  4. rhubma

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    Jones was more of an outside player and Hampton (playing alongside the Fridge) got a terrific inside push.

    And I always felt that Duper was the speed/quick guy and Clayton was more of the move-the-chains guy... but actually either one fits with DB

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