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    ESPN Anchor Dana Jacobson May Be Anti- Notre Dame, But She's Not Anti-Catholic
    Posted Jan 23rd 2008 1:40PM
    by Michael David Smith

    This morning I wrote that ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson was suspended for a week for saying "F--- Jesus" at a celebrity roast early this month.

    Having talked to one source familiar with the situation and exchanged e-mails with another, I would like to clarify that I think that, to the extent that Jacobson used the F-word and the word "Jesus" together, it was about Touchdown Jesus, the mural depicting Jesus with his hands raised at Notre Dame Stadium. Jacobson was roasting former Notre Dame football player and current ESPN Radio host Mike Golic at the time.

    Does that distinction matter? Some people seem to think so. I think Jacobson is getting a raw deal here regardless. Her comments weren't on the air, like those of Kelly Tilghman or Don Imus. She was speaking at a roast. Have you ever seen the Pamela Anderson roast? These things are designed to be offensive.

    But, if you insist on being offended, you should only be offended if you're a Notre Dame fan and you consider Touchdown Jesus sacred. That's the one Dana Jacobson made a couple of raunchy comments about.
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    "I'm glad to be an amerikan, were at least I know I'm free..."

    hehehe... yeah right.
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    Lemme know how her right to free speech is being trampled here, champ. Right to free speech doesn't mean freedom from the ramifications.

    Yeah I think people shouldn't be so sensitive because she was clearly talking about the mural not the religious figure but to say this is an AMERIKKKAN problem is retarded.

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