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    As I was traveling today, I was listening to Sporting News Radio.

    Dan Pompei, TSN football editor said the following:

    "Anyone who thinks that the Patriots Dyanasty is over is just fooling themselves. With Rodney Harrison coming back and a couple of adjustments in personnel, they will be right in the thick of the SB hunt next year."

    I think this guy knows it's not over.
  2. Pats Fanatic

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    As long as the Pats have Brady and Belichick we will always be a contender (get Seymour to a long term contract would hurt either).
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    I agree, but who's been saying it's over? I like to compare this team to the great 49er teams...great coach; smart QB who is also a great leader, if not possessing of the best physical skills; good balance of offense and defense; excellent ownership; etc. That 49er team won super bowls over a 14 year span. Walsh wasn't there for all of it, hope Belichick stays longer.

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