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  1. SVN

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    is saying how the colts are the underdog and loving it and under the radar etc. How manning is spurred on by the underdog talk and brady isnt bothered by the comparisons.

    Take a listen and respond if you'd like


    its an interesting debate ,but somehow i get pissed when people forget it was the same crap in 2004 .But no one talked about the pats being under the radar.At that time there was only one team - colts.
  2. bradmahn

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    Actually the Steelers were the "team to beat" in '04, but no one gave the Pats a chance to beat the Colts in the playoffs that year.

    The Steelers earned the right to be labeled the favorite, they played better than the Pats against the Pats, and had a better record. Right now, the Pats have been playing better than the Colts and have a better record, the only thing they have to do to prove they are the team to beat is take down the Colts in a couple weeks, then all the complaining about "the champs are being overlooked" can stop.
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  3. SVN

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    vrabel is going to be on in another 5 mins.
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