Dan Graham...injured?

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  1. dryheat44

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    I've been away from here for the better part of two months, so if this has been breeched already, forgive me.

    I know that Graham has frequent shoulder injuries, so I may be grasping at straws here, but....

    Does anyone else think that maybe Graham isn't practicing because he wants his contract extended?

    Could this be an agent who gets it -- one who doesn't take up his case to the media, and instead keeps things simply between he and Belichick? That his stance is that Graham will attend meetings and film sessions, but not take part in contact practices until an extension is worked out?

    If so (and I admit it's unlikely), I congratulate Team Graham on a professional way to stage a holdout, and I marvel at the entire Patriots organization's ability to keep it under wraps.
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  2. spacecrime

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    Never occurred to me, and noiw that I think about it, I don;'t believe it.
  3. Lamanai

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    Hadn't thought of that either, but i think it is nothing more than taking it slow with Graham following shoulder surgery.
  4. patsfan13

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    2 things, Being careful with Graham's shoulder, and there are 2 young players who can use the reps at TE.
  5. dryheat44

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    One of which hasn't practiced at all either. There was at least one practice where Thomas was the only TE practicing. I definitely think it's smart to give veterans the occasional day off in TC, especially in this heat, but to miss EVERY practice? Not even a red jersey? That's strange.

    Did Graham have shoulder surgery that we're aware of, and I've just forgotten? Otherwise it seems overly cautious.
  6. PatsFan37

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    Wasn't he out for a stretch at the end of last season? If he had a procedure, we wouldn't necessarily know about it.

    A conspiracy to violate leage rules and put a player on PUP instead of holding out (conspiracy = quiet agreement between coach, agent, and player) seems unlikely since their interests are opposing. It's not BB's style in the least and it's in his interest to force a holdout and the ensuing fines.

    Personally, I think Graham is Mr. Team Player and will get his contract extension before Branch. Like Vrabel & Seymour last year. Vrabel quiet, gets extension. Seymour noisy and more valuable, gets booster after Vrabel. A little message, but a message nonetheless.
  7. JR4

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    I think Dan would welcome FA. If given sufficient $$$ I think he would love
    to play in Denver. He might even give them a home town discount.
  8. dryheat44

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    I haven't seen Graham on any PUP lists, which party fuels my idle speculation. Given his injury history, it would be very easy to put him on PUP along with the other guys who started TC with minor injuries.
  9. PatsFan37

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    Ooops, my mistake. Should have looked here before opening my keyboard and inserting foot. Your idle spec was more accurate than my memory.
  10. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Dryheat: From what I understand, he did have off season surgery.

    Also, he was interviewed before the mini camps began by PFW or somebody, and at the time talked about the fact that he was not offered an extension yet but that he wasn't going to worry about that, and was going to come in and work hard as usual.

    Maybe his agent has changed Grambo's mind, but I believe that we would have gotten some hint thru the media from some source if Grambo was holding out. People would know about it.

    So, at this point, I don't agree with that theory. But Branch changed his tune, and talk is cheap when it comes to player-team relations these days........
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    What Ring said about off-season shoulder surgery - remember he missed a bunch of games last season played a blocking role with maybe one pass thrown at him in Denver. I have a vague recollection of a report that he had surgery. I'm not too worried that he is some kind of hold out, probably doing a lot of work in the bubble and weight room.

    Next time you take an around the world cruise, pick a ship with decent internet communications...:D
  12. dryheat44

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    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think I might be right. If Graham did indeed have offseason surgery, and he is not healthy enough to practice, is there any reason in the world not to be on PUP? Get another body into camp to take some reps until he's healthy enough to practice, even in non-contact situations?

    I have a feeling we'll be hearing about a contract extension with Graham soon.
  13. JoeSixPat

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    I don't - because it would have to be a real bargain basement deal for the Patriots to pull the trigger on that now, espcially given his history of injury.

    And oh - deja vu - he's injured again (or at least not healthy enough to practice)?

    So we've had a long drawn out discussion of what Graham's market value is... considerably less than Witten's $4 mil a season even if Graham didn't have a history of being injured

    But it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong - and the prospect of ANY guaranteed money - even at bargain prices - might be a nice carrot for a guy like Graham who's had his share of injuries...

    And if one works incentives into the picture it could be a win win for both the player and the team

    That might be the best and only way to go if Graham really does desire some security now rather than gamble waiting for free agency next season.

    If the Patriots priorities and expectations for Graham truly AREN'T to have him catch a lot of passes as so many believe, then a games played incentive might be all that's necessary to protect the team and Graham.

    Conversely if the team does have an expectation that the former 1st round draft choice should be more of a pass catching contributor than he has been, surely the team would have no problem paying Graham more for achieving those incentives
  14. Clonamery

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    You have? Wow, the off-season just flew by....hate to say we didn't notice you weren't around but, er, ah.......

    Sometimes being away gives you a better perspective rather than being wrapped up in the daily hold-out saga, injury lists and media mea culpas. You may have something on Graham and an extension.

    I think Dry's point is that if Graham IS injured and has missed all of the team's practices, why isn't HE, Graham, on the PUP list?

    And that leads him to surmising there may be an extension coming......
  15. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Grambo took part in camp today, according to Mrs. B. ;) :D :p
  16. Mike the Brit

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    Stop press! Mrs B saw Grambo at camp today ...

    Edit: And 5 Rings types faster than I do. Sorry :)
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  17. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    I noticed Dryheat was gone because he also posts at the Outsiders website quite a bit.
  18. dryheat44

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    I did notice that....but apparently he just stood on the field in his jersey and shorts, so I don't think it necessarily negates my wacko theorizing.

    Or, maybe with the excess cap room, an extension was agreed to today.
  19. TNPatsFan

    TNPatsFan Practice Squad Player

    I'm pretty sure he has been giving his shoulder(s) more recovery time, although I have wondered why he wasn't on the PUP list. Maybe they were just playing it safe. It wouldn't make a difference as far as the roster goes anyway, as the PUP list counts against the roster. So it's not like they could bring anyone else in if he was on the PUP. Glad to see he and some of the other MIA's are starting to trickle back in though.
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  20. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Dryheat is determined to ride this thing out, I see! Nothing like sticking to your guns. :D

    We'll know in a day or so if you are a genius. ;)
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