Damon Huard playing like he's learned well from Tom

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    Damon Huard of the Chiefs has done well taking QB control of that team which at 0-2 looked like it was going to be a long season for them but now have come off with 2 nice wins and at 2-2 - I wonder if he keeps playing decent will he take over for Trent even when Trent is better - My guess is his performance now which is as good as he has ever been in his career (although his stats ain't that much at this point-but improving IMO) is the result of being with our team for awhile and learning the true fundamentals of being a good QB and listening to Brady and watching the master at work ..Matt Cassel should be the same way,Whether Matt stays here or goes elsewhere,Of course if he plays that means Tom is hurt and I don't care to see that happen.
    I think fair to decent players that come here for awhile and learn our system often get to be even better when they go elsewhere later on but only if they fit in well with that particular team that they went to-its a tribute to BB and staff for that-he makes good players even better as seen time and time again,Even if it means as a player just holding a clipboard and watching a true HOF QB at work until you get a chance in NE or on another team.​
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