Dallas loss puts NFC Parity in perspective

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    Looking at the Dallas loss to Philly it changes my feelings of what I thought was by far the best NFC team, the Cowboys.

    Green Bay is a nice story this year but Dallas annihilated them and I thought Dallas was a near sure thing to make it to the SB.

    That is until sunday when the offense was manhandled by a very good Eagles secondary that the Patriots well know can stop a power offense this year,The only difference being is that the Pats have the killer instinct to get by and still win while Dallas caved and showed no heart.

    This takes the NFC into perspective and once again looks like a huge grab bag where it truly comes into focus the new slogan the NFL has this year which is "Who Wants It More"

    Dallas is still the favorite but showed no heart,Green Bay is second best but Favre can have a bad game any week now and Minnesota and Giants are as hot and cold as can be and Tampa Bay is another tough team to predict weekly.

    So as far as the NFC goes, "Who Wants It More" is definately a good way to describe that conference,Thats exactly how the NFC champion is going to do it,Whoever wants it more in the big game - Right now its near even across the board with the NFC Contenders - True Parity at its finest.

    While its a totally different scene in the AFC where NE,Indy have been very steady and now San Diego is back to its 2006 form - Its truly only a few teams in the race for the Conference title.
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    I think you are reading a little too much into it. We've had our share of losses to not-so-great teams in our superbowl years. It's the NFL and "any given Sunday" really applies. I still think the Cowboys are by far the best NFC team, though Green Bay has played pretty well most of the year as well.
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