D-League Versus College

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    Read this article in which Mark Cuban explains that the developmental league (d league) is a better alternative then one and done college. One of the few times I agree with Cuban. If a student attends college that has absolutely no chance of graduating, let alone attending classes, then why should they be "required" to go to college. Give them the option of selecting the D league. Have mandatory courses that players have to attend, for example; finance and investment (taught by a former player). Society and law class (or something to that effect).
    We are taking a large percentage of people from a lower class setting and putting them into a higher learning environment without sufficient guidelines. If they succeed, they become instant millionaires without any foundation.

    Mark Cuban Claims D-League Would Be Better Path for Future NBA Players Than NCAA | Bleacher Report
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    I think Cuban is 100% right.

    In Canada the CHL is the dominant junior league in hockey and is the feeder system to the NHL. What the league does is brilliant. They are considered semi-pro. The kids get some spending money and can do endorsements. But the reason they are killing the NCAA in hockey is because they have a rule that every year you play in the CHL you get a year of college/university paid for. When you're done your hockey career in the CHL you have 18 months to use this. Basically if you're good enough to go pro then you don't need school and if not you can go to school and focus 100% on your education.
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    From a purely selfish perspective of what is more entertaining for me, I prefer that they play college ball before playing pro. March Madness is huge visibility for the players, is fun for fans, and even in other leagues where they have minor leagues, those are all kind of under the radar in terms of fan support. College bball and football are on national TV and are pretty entertaining.

    I'm fine with either Dleague or college ball, but strongly feel that these kids are way too young to go pro. Their games are immature, they aren't socially developed, they take up roster spots away from older pros, all so that a few of them can get paid a year or too earlier.

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