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    Now compare that report with Felger's piece in the Herald today(wish I knew how to post a link!) and you'll "get" the difference in style of reporting between these two. I had seen bits of this interview on NESN last night but didn't realize until another poster mentioned it, that Dillon had singled out Felger to read his bio, much to the amusement of the other reporters present. Felger's piece starts off with this lame set up... " I was minding my own business at the edge of the Patriots practice field yesterday when someone asked me an interesting question." (Someone??:eek: )
    Can't you just hear the whine in his voice? Makes me think I'm back in grade school, and I just want to whack him on the back of his head and say "grow up already"!!! After finishing his report, in which he also labeled Dillon as "timid" in his first 4 games last year (no mention of Oline here) before his ankle injury, I'm left with the confirming impression that Felger is as dumb as a post, will never get it, and will never be more than a talking head spouting surface impressions of an ill-informed mind!
    Rant over!!
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    Felgie always had an irrational case against Flutie. Went off on him over the drop kick, amazing his TV co-hosts. Probably Flutie was flirting with his bodacious wife or something.
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    There's plenty of media besides Felger who don't like Flutie. I met Flutie in person once, and he was a bit of a jerk, but it could just be b/c there were no cameras around.

    Curran's great. He's always insightful as well as hilarious.

    I expect Dillon to be back and back big. Just look at the season he had before he came to the Pats. It was plagued with injury and poor performance, yet when healthy, he came back and was a beast.
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    Felger has become the next Borges, he's a thin skinned egomaniac.
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    Are you kidding me, Felger is no where near in Borges league, no one is. Felger's still better than most, though sometimes he's a contrarian just for the sake of it to get some attention, like the Big O or other radio hosts. He handled the Dillon thing pretty well.

    The most promising thing to come out of this is how offended Dillon is by the media. Sure, it didn't help him this year, but I think it shows he's still got a lot of desire.
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    Most Pat's fans are well aware, if they live in the area and have access to Felger on radio and TV, that the guy who used to be the best beat writer covering the team morphed into something else on his way the a radio talk show host gig with ESPN. When he first appeared on WEEI if was as a guest football insider and his behavior was that of a voice of intelligence and reason. But he wanted to expand his horizens and was eventually tapped as a part time fill in and co-host. During one of those stints he went off on Pedro Martinez after word leaked out that he was being scratched from a start against the dreaded Yankees. Less than an hour after his insult riddled rant began word came out that Pedro was at St Elizabeth's on IV's and had been there for a few hours. There was massive fallout from that appearance that reverberated all the way to the FO at Yawkey Way. Felger the guest was MIA for a while after that on WEEI though he was mentioned frequently thereafter thus becoming for the first time in his career the story himself (better known as becoming Shaughnessied).

    When the dust settled Felger apparently made a choice based on the old adage that there is no such thing as bad PR when the point after all is to generate attention to oneself. He bristled seeing his peers at the Globe courted by the likes of ESPN and one even landing the gig of a lifetime writing a best seller based on 2 years of unheard of insider access to the Patriots. (Felger had written a book of his own that came out about the same time about the pre-Belichick/Brady Pats that didn't make any sellers list.)

    For a time Felger was able to keep his split personalities seperate but over the last year (when we now know he was negotiating a new Boston based ESPN radio talk show hosting gig) the personalities have merged so the guy you see on TV and hear on radio is basically the guy you read in print. Too bad for us.

    We are now subject on all fronts to the arrogant, axe grinding, and often irrational persona who forms an opinion he will even admit is more often based on nothing more than pesonal agenda (as a BU grad he has always hated Flutie although he admits as a reporter he has had almost no interaction with him, and he went on record vehemently opposing the Dillon signing because while never having met him he was convinved he was a clubhouse cancer and not a Patriots guy).

    He spent most of 2004 scraping 1600 yards egg off his face, but in 2005 he saw a shot to redeem himself by predicting that giving Dillon an extension was a mistake and with one ring in hand he would tank. He predicted this in camp inspite of evidence to the contrary (hence the contrararian tag). It was Corey's misfortune to be running against tough run defenses and in front of a line that was strugglling to do anything right through the first month of the season, and to suffer a high ankle sprain and have to continue attempting to run behind a paste and patch line for the rest of the season. Felger had also predicted that if the going got tough, Corey would become a malcontent once again. When he didn't, and when his teamates and coaches continued to praise his effort, Felger temporarily shifted his attention to the popular whipping boys Beisel and Starks.

    This year Felger is splitting his attention three ways between Beisel, whom he tried to bait this week in a thinly veiled insulting interview, Sullivan whom he has stooped to name calling a tub of goo, and Corey whom he senses he can goad into at least having to acknowledge his critics as he did yesterday if not eventually implode for him on camera so he can say I told you's so. And that is basically Felger spinning his wheels to prove he's smarter that Belioli, which in itself is a laughable premise.

    Felger is like the streaker at a ballgame, the one they always say they are not going to show because they don't want to give him the attention he so obviously craves. The only way to make that kind of idiot stop is to ignore him. His peers won't because they can't help themselves - he is now after all part of the story. Bad form for a sports journalist but great fodder for a talk show hosts ratings. The only thing that would make him stop now would be if his radio ratings tank, and that is not likely since controvery fuels sports talk ratings in this market. On the air today I guarantee you Felger will be positively giddy. Because not only are folks talking about Dillon, they are talking about Felger and Dillon.
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    I usually don't read long posts like that (to many times people beat their own chest) but MOLEWISROCKS, I must say very well put.

    I hate reading or listening to these "experts" opinions.. Just give me the facts, what the players said and I will make my own decision. To many times, these sports reports get involved in the story. What happened to just writting facts and making an edcuated conclussion..

    Again, good post and thanks for the tidbit about Felger and his book. Didn't know that..
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    Good post MoLew. I totally agree that Felger is a media whore. The fact that he regularly has Borges on his radio show is exhibit A. I have been somewhat of a sports radio junkie (WEEI, etc.) the past couple of years, but I am really starting to grow tired of the boston sports media scene. They all seem so damn condensending to me.
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    Nice post Mo, you've summed up his past few years and the changes that occurred very well.

    One thing, I used to listen to his radio show even tho' it didn't come in too well, but now I can barely hear him for the static, and so don't listen to ESPN radio at all. Did they lower output even more??

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