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    Tom E. Curran
    Providence Journal

    August 23, 2006

    Patriots' holdout wide receiver Deion Branch gave an interview to CBS-4 in Boston last night, telling the channel's Steve Burton, "I'm pretty sure everything's going to work out.."

    Branch was at the And1 hoop tour as it stopped in Boston. He's been officially holding out since July 27 and is expected to be fined $14,000 per day for his unexcused absence.

    Branch has a year left on the five-year deal he signed as a rookie in 2002. He's on the books to make a little more than $1 million this season but that figure is well below market value for a player of his skills.

    The Pats have offered three- and five-year deals to Branch that will pay him close to $6 million per season. Branch and his agent, Jason Chayut, haven't countered the offer from the Pats that they've termed "insulting."

    Asked if he missed playing, Branch said, "I'm human. I have my days and ups and downs. I realize it's business and what they're doing is business." Asked if he considered the $14,000 per day he's being fined, Branch joked, "I haven't really thought about it." Turning more serious, he said, "No, you have to [think about it]. It is what it is. Hopefully we can do something about it and we can figure out what's what."

    Branch said he'd watched the team's first two preseason games and that he believed the offense was running well. It will run better, he added, "When and if I get back."
  2. DefenseRules

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    Now that's interesting. That's the first time that I've heard reference to a five year deal.
    I read this over at PatriotsInsiders yesterday:
    So PatriotsInsiders is not full of **** afterall. I thought it was BS. Interesting.
    I wish someone would insult me like that.

    Say hello to baby Ty Law.
  3. PATSNUTme

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    Big mistake #3.

    #1 was turning down a very fair contract offer. #2 was holding out beyond one week. And, #3 was giving that interview.

    It would have been better if he had jsut kept his mouth shut. As you can see by the reaction on htis board, he is not doing himself any favors.
  4. JoeSixPat

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    Curran said "everthing will work out"?

    That's great! I trust his opinion as he has good ties with both players and management.

    Now if just Branch said "everything will work out" that might be a diffferent story.

    Hopefully Curran's sources are a little more in depth than Steve Burton's.
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  5. JoeSixPat

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    I'm not sure if this is new information or not.. there's always been the semantical issue given the fact that Branch has one more year on his deal (something his agent would prefer to ignore when asking for a contract that treats Branch as if he were currently a free agent)

    So the questoin of whether a new deal signed in 2006 that runs to 2010 is a 4 year extention or a 5 year deal is one of semantics
  6. Pats726

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    I think it may be MORE than semantics..How much will the agent receive?? I think it might mean MNORE to him than anyone; not semantics to him. Also, the fact that he is IGNORING this year and comparing it to Wayne's outright stupid..fine comapre it to Wayne's..and do what Wayne did in his last football and NOT whine!!
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    What other option did he have? The Colts couldn't have given him spit for a contract extension with everyone else getting extended. He had to wait for his UFA year and have another big season to prove to them he deserved to be paid equivalent to their other "stars."
  8. Pats726

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    True..and that is the point..Wayne played and Branch is a holdout....
  9. Box_O_Rocks

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    Who is this guy your talking about? :D Still, other than one played and one is holding out, apples and oranges to me. I actually like it that Tommy is getting a workout at developing his rapport with the other candidates. This is a blessing in disguise, the passing game is going to be better in the long run for this development. The curse doesn't set in until week three. :cool:
  10. mgteich

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    Branch is physically ready to play. He has stayed away. How many minutes did he play in last year's preseason? If Branch comes to practice the day after Labor Day, having agreed to a new contract, we will all celebrate and all will be forgotten by the bye week. If not, pioli will pick up a receiver, perhaps that day, perhaps another after a week, and move on.

    If not, bb can try to trade him, or wait until next year, and franchise and trade.
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  11. MoLewisrocks

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    It's not new or semantics. In Borges earlier piece he ghost wrote for Chayut Ron reported that there were 2 versions of an extension offered - 5 years and 3 years, both of which the Patriots said averaged $6M+. Chayut has chosen to portray them as 4 and 6 year deals to lower that AAV because they would not include 2006 when his rookie deal would still be in effect (albeit with a 2007 signing bonus in hand and an option bonus to come). Chayut also blabbed and the Pats confirmed that a deal was offered in March 2005 right after his SB MVP performance - one Chayut deemed insulting. More insulting I guess than continuing to play under a coerced rookie deal that included $3M in incentives his client somehow had been unable to manage to reach even though the threshold was 900 yard seasons.
  12. Pats726

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    I wonder if the amount the agent gets is the same..similar?? and what if anything would differ from a new contract to an extension??
  13. VJCPatriot

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    He turned down 5 years for 31M and 11M guaranteed? What the... That really boggles my mind. He was getting offered 6.2M per year with 33% up front!

    For things to "work out" Branch better fire that agent or tell him to start talking.

    Wayne is earning 6.5M per. Does Branch think he's worth 8M per? I just don't get it.

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