Curran: Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. SVN

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss


    I think we will here this all season.
  3. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    Brady is smarter than the sports pundits. Many of us often think of 'jocks' as strategicly impaired, but Brady is decidedly not. Sure, Brady is very likely frustrated at the state of his contractual impasse. But he realizes the unique environment (no future CBA determined). What he's doing by not "saying everything is awesome" is preserving HIS negotiating position and his team leadership role and its effects on other players' (read Mankins) private and separate negotiations. Were he to go all gushy over Kraft, he'd be ceding these positions. The pundits need to understand the position Brady finds himself in and let events play out.
  4. RussFrancis

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    Glad it was so obvious. I saw and heard every minute of that interview, and "dismay" was the last thing I would have ever considered reviewing Brady's words and demeanor. Some of these writers are just too bright for their own good. I swear they must all have advanced psych degrees.
  5. patsfan-1982

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    for a guy thats only makeing 6 million this year. when QB half as good as him are makeing over 10 million he looked pretty happy to me
  6. patriot lifer

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    Tom Curran: "What Brady meant to say was..."
  7. Holy Diver

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    When Brady eventually signs his deal, will this dude SHUT UP?

    Probably not.

    I doubt Kraft and Brady could've explained it any better. Kraft says he "Loves" Brady...thats all I need to hear.

    What Tom Curran is missing, aside from the Kraft/Brady family love that Brady isnt the bread winner in the family, whatever extra scratch he makes is called "F-U Money" for the Brady Family. Giselle makes the Duckets, Tommy is smart, he married UP. (For a 3 time SB champion, thats tough to do)

    Tom Curran san suck my podcast.
  8. BradyFTW!

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    This is the same Curran who thought that Brady was going to miss all of last season, and didn't back off of that until Brady showed up at TC, so I think we can safely say that he has no idea wtf he's talking about. I'll stick with Schefter and Peter King (who actually talks to Brady).

    Pretty funny Twitter exchange between howthepatsdraft and Curran:

    @tomecurran Wow channeling ur inner Felger! Brady didn't sound "dismayed" at all. Just keeping things close to the vest like always.

    Curran's response:
    @howthepatsdraft Brady didn't sound "dismayed" at all. Just keeping things close to the vest like always>>> right. all rainbows and unicorns

    Rainbows and unicorns? Way to be professional, douche. Curran really is part of the Felger class of 'journalists'. Guy's reporting is worse than worthless. Just ripped him pretty hard from the PatsCast twitter, will be interesting to see if he has anything to say.
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  9. deters

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    I don't think its money stopping the deal negotiations atm, i think its the length of the contract. Brady isn't a selfish give me my money guy and i dont think he wants to be the highest paid QB in the league. Like before i think he will sacrifice some $$ for the benefit of the organization.
  10. Ryan

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    The local media always says things like this when someone questions their BS reporting. I hate it.
  11. Calciumee

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    Curran has clearly been bored because Brady actually showed up; to the media's shock.

    So he is writing want he wishes he could; and accidently submitted his draft ;)
  12. Ian

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    I could take the entire transcript of his press conference and completely take quotes and use them out of context - and create an article that would make anyone who is just a casual fan believe that he's angry and frustrated.

    However at the same time I can take his actual quotes and use them in their correct context - which paints a different picture, but at least a little closer to reality. Some people simply choose to do the former instead of the latter.

    Oddly enough I'm not even directing this at Curran. I was listening to 98.5 this afternoon w/Tony Mazz and they kept pulling different phrases that were being used to try and judge his mood. This thread just made me think of it - because I can't believe how they twisted some of the things he said.

    Needless to say I was kind of hoping that Brady's meeting with the media today would have been enough to put this to bed, but clearly that's not happening. At least not yet :rolleyes:
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  13. KontradictioN

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    This story sells ratings and website hits, Ian. They're not going to let it go until Brady signs the dotted line.
  14. BradyFTW!

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    PFT is now saying that Brady's comments will make it hard for him to take a leadership position for the players' union in CBA negotiations. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a good thing anyways, if true.
  15. Sciz

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    I very much enjoyed the comments section.
  16. Uncle Rico

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    That's because they're soooo much smarter than us. They can't believe we fall for the crap this franchise serves to us on a platter. What a bunch of lemmings we are. We can't possibly see the evil lurking behind everything the Patriots say and do and we should be thankful for these columnists' insights and healthy cynicism.

    FWIW, I've found the camp analyses on this board to be way more insightful than pretty much all the "pros." What's more, there's more independent insight here, not the pack journalism you see and hear elsewhere.
  17. BradfordPatsFan

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    Re: Curran:Brady's dismay is impossible to miss

    You know, I saw the tweet from Curran with the headline and I assumed that it was written tongue in cheek as TEC is known for sarcasm. I didn't bother to click on the link. I'm not sure if I am surprised at the actual content of the article or not.
  18. MoLewisrocks

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    The local media (and as a result the nationals who take their lead from locals) cannot be as collectively dense as they portray themselves to be, so in the alternative all I can conclude is this is willful behavior on the part of the core group (knowing the lemmings will regurgitate and therefore follow their lead) to drive a storyline nationally as well as locally that they think makes the team they cover more relevant than any feel good crap ever could. Again, the great sage Belichick coined the phrase it is what it is for times such as these when it doesn't matter what you say, and in some cases even what you do. Mediots will make of it what they will.

    Brady is the consumate politician. It is a skillset that sets him apart from other merely elite QB's and allows him to rally the troops while dispensing the company line. If he gives the media what they want, he screws the pooch on one side of the aisle or the other. He's too freakin' bright to do that knowing that even that won't placate these idiots. Whichever way he came down they would then tear him a knew one for not being loyal to the other... Taking this tack is more difficult for him, he'd like to relax and engage them honestly. But he knows better. You can't even maintain reasonable give and take relationships with most of them any more because the level of competition they are engaged in with each other doesn't allow for much insight building background or off the record discussion (which as opposed to their superior knowledge of the subject was always where insight emerged from).

    I heard snipets from Tom's interviews in the car today. They told me all I need to know, and in fact confirmed what I have long believed. He loves playing for BB, possibly the best HC ever in his opinion, he loves playing for the Kraft's here in New England - it's all he ever wanted to do for his career from the day he was drafted and it remains his goal to play here for as long time - which oddly seems to jive with what Belichick and Kraft want as well... Most organizations would kill to have this kind of disconnect between their on and off field ops...

    He doesn't see any reason to talk about his contract staus because this team frowns on negotiating through the media (and that has always been a two way street here since they don't talk about players one way or the other publicly as so many FO's do) and in his opinion it wouldn't do any good since the only people who can solve any constructive impass in this unique situation are himself and this management. So his focus is clearly on playing, whether the media likes it or not.

    If he's dismayed at all it's probably because he has to deal with these media idiots constantly hounding him in his personal as well as professional life...
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  19. BradfordPatsFan

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    It is funny, I see comments, like the one from Curran about unicorns and such and have to laugh. Both Mazz and Callahan just this week droned on and on about how the Boston media as a whole is filled with "homers" and "shills" for the local football and baseball teams respectively. How one cannot question any moves either make. Such beliefs end up giving birth to comments like Curran's or the bombastic overstatements by D&C, Felgie and Mazz, etc who are being "objective" and "not carrying the team's water" when, in fact, they are just saying these things to get ratings and drive up ad sales, print sales, etc. What they are doing is no different than what a guy like Mike Adams does for the Sox or Big O with the Patriots, only on the other nauseating end of the spectrum.

    It is why I don't listen to the "opinionated" shows terribly often other than while flipping through stations during commercials. I stick with people who will use facts to back up their arguments, Sirius NFL Radio, Dale and Holley for the most part, and Dave Amendolara more often than not. I find I actually learn something on those shows, I don't get ideas and thoughts forced down my throat.
  20. RayClay

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    Do we need to consult body language experts again?

    Remember that? What the hell was that about, I forget now.
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