Curran: 'Bottom liners' completely miss the point

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. SVN

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  2. ThatllMoveTheChains!!!

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    Good article. People who are down on this team are out to lunch. It's a good team that's likely to get better in the coming years. They're a likeable group that seem to give 100% and are accountable. It was a hearbreaking loss, but it's refreshing to not see any finger pointing, except at themselves, from the players. This most likely isn't the end, but the beginning.
  3. The Boston Patriot

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  4. IllegalContact

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    its just another angle.......the deep throw to gronk was no different than the one to slater against the ravens....brady simply needs to put too much air under it to get it there. he needs to reconsider trying that throw.

    but at the end of the day, you either win or you lose. and if the late fumble went the pats way, curran would be writing about the plays that worked for the pats and completely dismissed the ones that cost them

    they're all mediots.....people should not be blinded by the fact that they are hearing what they want to hear
  5. VrabelJr

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    You can tell already that this team is set up to be successful/hated for the rest of Brady's career and maybe even the start of our next QB & HCs career. When you subtract out our free agents the average age of this team is surprisingly low. And most of our FAs were old guys on 1 year deals.
  6. upstater1

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    No matter how many times it's point out to you you'll ignore that Brady had a defender in his face and didn't get what he could on the ball. He tried to, but he failed because the guy was right there.
  7. MoLewisrocks

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    That was the return of the pre dragon Curran. Hope he sticks around, at least in print.

    Perspective is a marvelous thing the bottom liners are totally devoid of. It makes their :blahblah: irrelevant, but as Curran notes they aren't cabable of grasping that, either. :bricks:

    Great analogy with the amatuer drunks, too. :D
  8. IllegalContact

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    I understand, but he had noone in his face on the throw to slater and that play suffered from the same trajectory issues. you could say the guy was right there, but the ball went exactly the same way as when someone wasn't. so you could argue that even though the guys was there, the throw was not affected. that is possible.

    there were no such issues with the dump offs to woodhead.......they could have run that play 30 times, the giants gave that up and never bothered to adjust because they felt that eventually brady would follow his tendencies.

    they went away from a few things that worked running henrandez from the RB trying the quick outs to the TE''s like the front page of their playbook went missing. they completely went away from the things that really started to work late in the season.

    even ocho earned another look.....good throw, good catch.......worth another try later no? only 9 plays of no huddle?
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  9. Gronkandez

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    excellent article! I was thinking all the same things. He is the first to mention Mayo.:(
  10. ThatllMoveTheChains!!!

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    I could understand the plays if they occurred earlier, the Gronk one was borderline, but going away from the high percentage plays late in the game doesn't make sense.
  11. Ivan

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    Once again I agree with Curran completely. This team gave all it had and came up a hair short. Tough loss but you really can't ask any more from any team. Losing a championship game always sucks but i'm grateful for everything this team gave us this season and really optimistic about next year. A few more days of mourning and i may actually be able to start wrapping my head around the offseason.
  12. jnug

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    While that was a good, balanced analytical argument of key plays from the Super Bowl at the very end of it, it is Curran that misses the point. The Pats lost the game. There is only winning or losing.

    So, I think his view of those specific plays is pretty decent. I don't think the Brady to Gronk INT. should have been thrown but I can see Curran's point of view.

    If Curran wants to make the point that some fans are overreacting to the outcome of the game. Yea OK some are probably overreacting but given the circumstances I think the reaction has been balanced for the most part.

    NE fans have put up with a fair amount of garbage the past few years and of late. NE fans in my view gave the Giants their due from day one while being subjected to quite a bit of undue criticism of their team coming back the other way.

    Then on top of a heartbreaking loss we find that a New England neighbor, the aforementioned Mr. DeOssie while having every right to root for or pick any team he chooses, chose to do it in a way that disrespected his NE neighbors. Steve does not have to be our friend. He does not have to be our supporter. He has however chosen to be our neighbor and we deserve the respect any neighbor expects. If you can't keep your dog from defecating on my property Steve, go live somewhere else.

    So I think NE fans have for the most part been fair in their criticism and have handled a good deal of garbage coming back the other way pretty well especially when you consider that some of it came from unexpected sources right off our collective backdoors.
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