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Curious George Finds a Friend

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by wistahpatsfan, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Even the most inept, reviled, globally rediculed US president can find some love ...even if it is pre-industrial Albania. There's someone for everyone :)

    "During his seven scheduled hours in Albania, Bush will be spared the sort of protests that greeted his visits to Germany and Italy. Tirana was festooned with U.S. flags, welcome banners and huge posters of a smiling president, and a 21-gun salute boomed out in welcome for the head of state.

    The streets were nearly empty: almost everyone was inside watching the arrival live on all of Albania's television channels. The city will name a street after Bush, and Albania has put his portrait on commemorative stamps.

    Several hundred Albanians from Kosovo came to Tirana especially to see him and gathered in the main square watched by hundreds of police."

    Yep. That's George's kinda national security! Albania is so poor and helpless that they had to allow 500 US Marines to station in Albania to provide security for the POTUS.
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