Culpepper to Raiders maybe

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by drew4008, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. drew4008

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    Nothing official yet but a Raider fan I know is saying:

    Culpepper and a 6th


    Gabriel and a 3rd
  2. IcyPatriot

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    Good place for Culpepper and good for the NFL. The NFL is a better league with a stronger Raider team.
  3. BelichickFan

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    Wow, that's cheap. Hopefully the Raiders can beat Denver once next year, SD will drop somewhat with Brees gone.
  4. MoLewisrocks

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    Schefter says the Vikings have two deals on the table but have never had a deal with the Raiders. He is hinting the two are the JETS and Miami. Could be Brees is going to NO (apparently Parcells advised his former coach that Brees was a better way to go than Leinart) and therefore Miami has jumped in on Culpepper.
  5. BelichickFan

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    Yeah, I saw that too, it'll be an interesting week finally.
  6. T-ShirtDynasty

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    I refuse to believe that Al Davis doesn't at least try to reunite Culpepper with Moss. It's just so up his alley, even though I think it would be a horrible move.
  7. MoLewisrocks

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    Felger did an all day football show today in anticipation of 12:01. Had one of the national guys from SI on talking about Culpepper. They were talking about him potentially going to the Raiders and he was saying before the end of the season falling out in 2004 Daunte and Randy were best buds. But he also said the way things have unraveled in MN for Culpepper in the last year, on and off the field, bears watching and possibly could be a sign that his next team might want to be mindful about his attitude and leadership capacity going forward.

    I think Moss carried Daunte, Daunte didn't understand or appreciate that (and possibly still doesn't), and we saw the result early last season before he got hurt. Whoever gets him could be in for quite an adjustment period unless they have an all pro #1 at his disposal at the least.

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