Crybaby Conservatives - Misconstruing Quotes

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by godef, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Strong, well thought out argument there :rolleyes:
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    First time that I agree with you. This doesn't really add much.
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    That's because I didn't feel the need to embellish, just pointing out the absurdity of the headline-link in that other thread and how the poster added his own BS about it creating more "Liberal Talk Radio". This has to do with holding ANY radio station accountable for what they say.

    This represents the spectrum of talk radio, at least so long there's any form of a Fairness Standard in place...
    |---Liberal-----------Middle---------- Conservative-|

    Here is how a conservative views the talk radio spectrum...


    The main point I was making is that a conservative claiming liberals to be crybabies in reference to this topic is really nothing more than a crybaby conservative himself.
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  5. Fogbuster

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    So, in other words, if anyone has a "conservative" point of view on things, they can just shut the hell up 'cause the "revolution" has come and it doesn't allow for any different points of view. It's now the "left way" or the high way.

    Do I understand you correctly?

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    The Left Wing has the same freedom of speech that Limbaugh has the only difference is nobody wants to listen to them.

    If they can't play they want the game cancelled.
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    Maybe we could get one of the mods to change the name of this thread from Crybaby Conservatives - Misconstruing Quotes to Crybaby Liberal crying about Crybaby Conservatives - Misconstruing Quotes :rolleyes:

    In essence that is what this thread boils down to.

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