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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by sportsfreak5, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. sportsfreak5

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    Ok.. Sorry if this has been talked about. I am a guy who has been reading this board for a while.. there was a time when I was able to post many things from time to time however I can't find the time these days.
    So yesturday I am at the game in the 200 level section. I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the game last tuesday. During the game I would cheer during big plays, standing up and making noise during "critical" parts of the game. THe people all around me told me to sit down and be quiet.
    I am pretty sure the reason the razor has not been such a success this year is because the crowd is not into the games. I can tell you that the people who are making most of the noise are not season ticket holders, they are the ones who are able to get to 1 or 2 games a year like myself. But seriously the crowd noise was a joke yestruday, wake up during the playoffs if you are that lucky to attened a game.

    Thats my 2 cents
  2. BlitzFritz

    BlitzFritz Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    definitely not a strength at the razor
    the club level crowd is barely in their seats by mid way thru the first and third quarters. (my avator is me going to club level playoff game. needless to say, i was the only one up there with face paint)

    sounds like the ethos even among season ticket holders is NOT to scream and howl, unless the situation absolutely demands it. are they too tired to make the effort? why would 1 or 2 gamers have more spunk?
  3. PatsWorldChamps

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    i missed the game but it sounded dead on tv
  4. Mark Morse

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    #15 Jersey

    First off ... the Patriots received the opening kickoff (not sure who won the coin flip). They did nothing on their first possession and were forced to punt. At home, I want to be on defense first. The crowd is more alive when the other team has the ball. Pin them back and win the field possession battle and you get the opening kick of the 2nd half.

    Second, its a boring game that alot of season ticket holders sold their tickets for.

    Third ... hardly anyone in the "Red" seats gets vocal

    Fourth .... the design of the field is not conducive to crowd noise
  5. BionicPatriot

    BionicPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    You know, you gotta be about the 10th person to say the same exact thing about people telling you to sit down. This is friggin ridiculous. For christ sake, Fenway is louder than Gilette! All I ever hear are ***** ass golf claps whenever the offense gets a first. Where have all the roudy New Englanders gone?
  6. shirtsleeve

    shirtsleeve In the Starting Line-Up

    Nem, you got this one right. Kraft has priced out the blue collar, beer swillin' belly paintin', shirtless in January back bone of the fanbase. The Razor's parking lots are full of beemers, mecedes, and escalades. Not the traditional f100 with the gun racks and bar-b-que grills on the back.

    These upscalers really dont know how to get half in the bag and get rowdy for a game. Sad, really.:(
  7. edgecy

    edgecy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    how much is season ticket and how long is the waiting list?
  8. jaychamp

    jaychamp On the Game Day Roster

    Kind of a bad game to measure crowd noise. It was basically over in the first quarter against one of the crappiest teams in the NFL. It has been bad though most of the year with one big exception being the Bears game.

    No reason to worry about it now. No more home games until the playoffs, and it will be plenty loud then.
  9. waspie (UK)

    waspie (UK) On the Roster

    ....who'd have thought that 25 Brits would have made that much difference :)

    I thought the crowd were great where we were sat; most were on their feet and shouting not just on Bears third downs, but whenever the Bears had the ball. I loved the moment when Grossman threw his first ball to Asante and one of our group yelled "we did that".
  10. Patti37

    Patti37 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    During the TV broadcast, Rich Gannon even commented on how quiet the crowd was.

    I will say when I sat in the 300 section among season tickets holders, I have found the fans around me to be pretty loud and passionate.
  11. TomBrady'sGoat

    TomBrady'sGoat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    not this *stuff* again...
  12. frankiesfly

    frankiesfly Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    i posted something like this about a month ago, and totally agree. Season ticket holders ruin the crowd. The season ticket holders are little pansies with hands locked between there knees acting like there at a funeral. The next time someone tells u to be quiet, do like i do, tell them to go home, and make it a point to scream right in there face.
  13. Danny Boy®

    Danny Boy® Banned

    Its not the season ticket holders that are quiet, genius.
  14. kurtinelson

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    #37 Jersey

    I really think that they screwed up the design of the stadium by not making it a bowl.
  15. BayAreaPatsFan

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    I have seen two pats games in Oakland over the last 12 years and although i detest the raiders and all their whining, that place rocks. They might as well throw out all the seats bacause no one uses them, they stand up and yell and holler from beginning to the end. One of my friends introduced me to some of the raider fans in the tailgate section. Hung with them for a while, a personable bunch. Then when it was time to go in one of them went in his car and pulled out this naked blow up lifesize doll with "Brady's Mom" tagged on its back and off he went to the black hole. i've seen that that doll a few times in some pretty compromising postions on TV when they pan to the Black Hole section in the stadium.

    A lot of the visiting fans do the backpack deal (thats what i did), where you go to your seat, put on your team jersey, and then when you need to leave you change again so you don't get hit with missiles on the way out.

    I went for a leak in the restroom, and there was this guy all decked out in his Patriots Gear. The entire restroom started chanting Raiders, Raiders, banging stalls and surrounding the guy, they didn't mess with him but they sure freaked him out.

    Anyways it don't help them now, they are still 2-12, yeahh !!!
  16. Clonamery

    Clonamery Supporter Supporter

    What are you saying, takes one to know one?
  17. mikiemo83

    mikiemo83 On the Game Day Roster

    hey I sacrifice the wife's bingo money and the Kids College fund to afford season tickets, I let the wife come to the games so I have someone to run and get me beer and then drive my sorry arse home.

    Oh yeah - I got me a pick-up and a cap with a grill tied on back - I ain't no fancy pants although I do park in the club suites parking every game

    I yell and scream and stuff - but that empty void created by the vacant red seats between the 30 yard lines stops all noise like a giant noise barrier along the southeast expressway
  18. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    B-I-N-G-O!! :singing:
  19. frankiesfly

    frankiesfly Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The only cry babies i ran into at a game was season ticket holders, so it cant be them making the noise, can it? genius
  20. Danny Boy®

    Danny Boy® Banned

    The Steelers dont play in a bowl and its one of the loudest places in the NFL.

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