Crowd called out by Goose and Co.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by strongside, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. strongside

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  2. Jimke

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  3. there used to be more noise when only 20,000 people used to show up. it may not have been game-related, but there was more noise
  4. Mogamedogz

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    The crowd sucks. We get it. This isn't exactly earth shattering news. The last really good crowd that i can remember was 2007 vs. SD.
  5. strongside

    strongside Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    No, what I expect is that when pats are on D to do what I do, yell and scream as loud as possible (that is untill your told to sit down, then yell while sitting)

    I'm fine with the booing if thats how you choose to voice your displeasure I was frustrated at times as well. But to have a close game and see the crowd so down sucked. The only 2 bright spots, crowd wise, was forcing a time out when carolina was backed up in the endzone opposite the light tower and the reation to Welker when he went nuts after taking that big hit. I been lucky enough to be at every Gillette game played and it can be special place when these moments happen. Thats why I'm always so critical of the crowd because I've seen Gillete be a house of horrors and I just want it like that every game.
  6. PrairiePat

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    Come on, Connelly! That was Meriweather's play; Springs was expecting help in the deep middle, but BM bit on the short pattern. I mean, yeah, why cover the deep guy? You're the free safety and it's only Steve Smith running by you, he's pretty harmless....

    I don't know how the crowd sounded (wasn't televised out here on the tundra) but I certainly know what the game thread looked like for most of the afternoon, and it wasn't pretty. I can see how fans paying the kind of $ that the Pats are charging might get a bit peeved at the lackluster effort the team showed, especially in the first half.
  7. tuckeverlasting

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    if they are going to have a crappy half, i'd prefer it to be the first half.
  8. cartmen

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    Im not in the crowd but I am a fan and frankly we should all be offended by the media and team calling us out here is why: The NFL teams as organizations are sole responsible for the crowd being soft or quiet they are the ones that charge for every lil bit they can under the sun and at way over inflated prices. I know they do this cause they can but it doesn't mean they should. When you overcharge for tickets and cater to the rich and affluent you most often get a lite uncaring crowd ones that are delegated for the lux box seats instead of the bleachers. I do know many blue collar people who own season tickets but alot of them part their tickets out in order to pay for them. To a man they all claim not being able to afford the 40+ for parking every home game. When you price yourself out of the real fans pay rate you get corporate crowds that sit inside and stay quiet and those who are on the outside are a mix of serious fans and those who bought their ticket from someone who is a big fan. Sure some of those may also be a huge fans but I remember my first game I was in a buzz and stayed quiet most of the game cause there is no commentary and you have a hard time getting a feel for the game. Something needs to be done about teams charging ridiculous amounts for parking, concessions and every other thing under the sun to bring back the "true fans" if not then fine you will fill the stadium but do not call us out cause your team is to blame :(
  9. Classic fan stupidity.

    The only way to determine someone "overcharges" is when the "overcharged" product doesn't sell.

    The Krafts financed the stadium privately. Should they not pay for it?

    You could have lower prices for tickets if Gillette was built with $XXX millions in public funds.
    Is that what you want or would you be moaning about subsidizing millionaires?
  10. PatsFaninAZ

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    I think false starts by opponents at home over a long period of time is a good indicator of the crowd. We don't seem to get that many. But I haven't seen any stats.

    Then again, the team is pretty good at home in terms of final results.
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  11. Don_the_patfan

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    Yeah and towards the end of the game Goose stated how these fans were up on their feet and doing a good job. I remember him saying that go figure..
  12. FloridaHerb

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    Watching professional sports live isn't a birthright, nobody HAS to be there..I'm not saying you don't have a right to complain about prices, it's a free country but the NFL isn't free!

    I couldn't personally afford all the costs included for a pair of season tickets to watch a successful NFL franchise play at home for a season but I bet I could if I lived in Detroit following the Lions.

    One fan I noticed in attendance was Robert Kraft who also looked rather quiet and displeased with the performance of the team, he knows all about the economics of the NFL and knows for damned sure if the teams performance doesn't improve he won't be able to charge top dollar for the product he's putting on the field.

    Bottom line is yes, when you overcharge you most certainly ARE catering to the rich and affluent...they're the ones playing the game!

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  13. kmac14

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    Has anyone called out Fox for their lousy telecast (i.e. satellite issues, announcers blatantly pro-NFC), but mostly someone should call out Daryl Johnston for the outfit he threw together.
    Yesterday was one of the few home games I haven't attended, but I applaud the folks that stayed though some looked truly miserable.
  14. Patjew

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    I thought that the crowd that was there did a pretty good job in the second half. It was not a fun game to attend.

    I've never booed the Pats and it bothered me, but that right comes with the price of admission.
  15. TeamFirst

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    Actually on my way home from the game Gill Santos and Gino Cappelletti stated that the they thought the players really appreciated the passion of the fans. They said the fans were more lively yesterday than they have in recent games. Season ticket holders that I was sitting next to also commented on how the crowd was very lively. In the second half after Welker took the hit he got up and ran back to the huddle and aknowledged the fans at the end zone pumping his fists and going crazy. Seau was doing the same thing in the 4th. Something we haven't seen in awile.

    The fans did boo in the first half for the offense. The fans were 110% behind the Pats defense the whole game.
  16. KontradictioN

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    The booing did not bother me too much. The way that team looked in the first half (which could be compared to the Detroit Lions), they deserved to get booed.
  17. cartmen

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    Read my post again moron I said they can I also said doesnt mean they should. People will fill the stadium but not with the blood thirsty diehards week in and week out which is the crowd is inconsistent. Dont claim I am being stupid if all you are gonna do is see their side of it and claim that its all because we wouldnt help them pay for the field. We are every time we pay almost 50 bucks for parking and 8 bucks for a cheeseburger. They aint hurtin for money so dont make it sound like they are. Not saying they shouldnt make a great profit but taking into account the world today and who your fans are is always a good idea for future fan consideration especially once your team starts to get less than stellar. The Cheifs stink and yet they continue to fill Arrowhead and are loud as hell. Not saying I want to be the chiefs but perhaps there is something there the Krafts can learn from as far as continued gate success in spite of bad teams. Every team needs to runt he scenario of how to make money when the team sucks the KCC obviously have found the right combination. It starts I think from giving your fans a break when the company doesnt necessarily need to just to say thanks
  18. cartmen

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    ok great point but as the big O would say "you're making my point" If thats what you are doing intentionally then criticize the corporations who buy the tickets not the fans. dont call out the fans in the audience cause you are casting a broad brush and never goes over well. you want a rowdy crowd then cater to the middle class and 9-5'ers. You want money by all means cater to the VP's and execs, but dont complain about the results
  19. Scooter_McGruder

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    We were standing and making noise in 138. I thought the crowd was decent.
  20. Triumph

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    Ha Ha...True

    We were laughing at that too.

    Johnson is awful anyway.
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