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    looking at the cowboys games so far they start off real slow.

    giants game was 17 -16 cowboys at the half

    Miami game was 13-10 MIAMI with 5minutes left in the 3rd

    bears game was 10-10 with 7:14 left in the 3rd

    st louis game was 7-7 in the last minute of the 2nd, then dallas scored to make it 14-7

    buffallo game was 24-13 buffallo after the 3rd.

    Good for pats -
    So the cowboys start real slow and can't take control of a game till well into the 3rd period, in fact they haven't scored a 1 qt TD yet. And the pats consistantly score in all periods.

    Bad for pats -
    Cowboys put up a lot of points in the second half and they can score quick at the end of the first half. But the cowboys have played poor teams with poor offenses that can't hold onto the ball while on offense (miami, st. louis, bears and buffallo) and the giants scored 35 on them.

    So as long as things go as they have, pats should be able to be up alot in the first half looking at the 2 teams first half performaces and the patriots have an offence that can hold the ball so the second half should be a control game.

    The biggest worry is Dallas has that just GUN IT style that has gotten them alot of points but has also gotten them 8 interception. St. Louis Rams anyone.
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