Cowboys/Bills Breer's Tale of the Tape

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFan37, Oct 10, 2007.

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    This is the one time all year we get to read material relevant to the Patriots from Breer.

    First, he had a chat, which Borg reported here.

    His best is his Tale of the Tape. You should look for a similar analysis next week on his blog.

    Things to note: their RT struggled with Chris Kelsay. Will soon be facing Vrabel and Warren. Also, their OL was having trouble figuring out who to block. This might be more trouble for them with the Pats confusing defensive schemes.

    For all the ball-washing the inept ESPN announcers gave Trent Edwards, they seemed to forget how effective Dallas was at shutting down the Bills offense, despite Romo's determined efforts to pin his D to the Bill's side of the field.
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    Ha, Dallas got stuck with Breer but we get to keep Tomase . . . :eek: . . . sucks for us :(
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  3. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal terrible for us...and WHo a few months ago said Tomase was as good as Reiss???
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    It strikes me that this hardcore patsfans board has very good taste -- and very high standards! We spend a lot of time bashing the local beat reporters, then every single time we consider somebody "acceptable" he's scooped up for bigger and better things.

    Mike Reiss: MetroWest Daily News-->Boston Globe (worth remembering this as we dis the Globe, they saw talent and leapt on it)

    Tom Curran: ProJo-->NBC Sports (who's going to turn down that career jump?)

    Albert Breer: MetroWest Daily News-->Dallas Morning News (arguably the single best local beat gig in the NFL and a HUGE move up from the likes of the MetroWest)

    In retrospect, guys like Curran and Greer set an incredibly high bar for local football reporting and are very hard to find.
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    read the comments below in the tale of the tape. The readers are pleasantly stunned about such and informative post. Shows what we are missing.
  6. SVN

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    BB on breer today

  7. PatsFan37

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    I'm coming around on Tomase. He's been doing a nice job on the blog. Remember that these guys have roles to play -- often roles they're told to play. With Breer gone, Tomase is playing a role that includes what Breer used to do. I think he's doing a nice job of it. Maybe it's not as detailed an analysis as Breer does, but it's not bad.

    Eventually when all the national spots and the best of the big market jobs are given to former NE football writers, we'll get to keep someone here for a while. And then think of all the alumnae nationwide who will have been trained to think favorably of Belichick & co.
  8. sieglo

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    You're forgetting Fitzy --> ESPN.
  9. njpatsfan

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    Oh yes .... journalists who have to play "roles". I don't know what's worse - that people now think biased journalism is the "norm", or that this may actually be true.


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