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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by bosfan, May 18, 2006.

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    Was surprised by these guys that made it to Free Agency, I wanted some of them.
    LB Spencer Havner - Skins
    DE Mike Kudla - Steelers
    QB Brett Bazanez - Panthers
    DT Steve Fifita - Dolphins
    OL Pat Ross - SeaHawksLB Oliver Hoyte - Cowboys - thought we would grab him for sure.

    Also the following is the wrap from the Huddle
    Patriots ? What can I say these guys just can?t pass on a good TE! They can?t help themselves. They got the RB they needed and a much needed big WR with speed to boot. They have a winning program and a coach that demands effort from all of his players and a new kicker that has a good leg. The Mincey kid is going to love this system and LeKevin is very underrated. It is always hard on paper to give this team a good grade because they draft for a system and talent is not their main priority. They draft brains. They draft players who understand situational football. They draft team players first and then talent. They do a good job every year and the players they do take a chance on - they give them plenty of time too developed.
    Had to leave town during draft and couldn't access the board for two weeks - that was a bummer! But it was another fun draft that sure surprised a lot of us, think we did purty good though and am looking toward the season.
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