Could Julius Peppers Be Back on the Radar?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Article Article In the Starting Line-Up

    Ian's Daily Blog - Christopher Price of reported on Tuesday that Carolina Panthers defensive lineman Julius Peppers sounds like he’s done in Carolina, which could put him back on the free agent market. Peppers, who accepted the franchise tag from the Panthers and signed a $16.7 tender offer back in June, has apparently been getting the “silent treatment” and [...]

  2. DonBlackmon55

    DonBlackmon55 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Sure if you got $20 Mill lying around in Foxboro, and another few M's to extend Wilfork, Mankins, Bodden etc.

    Once we sign him he can play coverage OLB for us to replace AD
  3. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    With all the money Bob "Patriots Place is a Bust" Kraft is saving by having NO coordinators, maybe he'll look past the "value" crutch they like to lean on and sign a difference maker.
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  4. FreeTedWilliams

    FreeTedWilliams I'm no Mona Lisa Vito.... Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    First Off, football speaking bringing in Peppers is a great move. He can stand-up or play DE. Exactly the type of playmaker that this defense is sorely lacking.

    Now, as for the business aspect of what is going to happen to him, that is much more interesting...

    Carolina certianly can not Franchise him AND KEEP HIM, his salary, even in an uncapped year ($21 MILLION) would be too much.

    Carolina could Franchise him and then work out a sign and trade deal with another team. This becomes much more likely if we go into an uncapped year, because it brings back to the table 8 teams who otherwise would not be able to bid for Peppers, due to the "Final 8" restirctions on signing Free Agents. It is a bit of a gamble for Carolina, because these teams that are limited in signing free agents are not going to be as cavalier with trading away draft picks, as they would be if they were not restricted in the amount of Free Agents you can sign.

    The problem with this for Carolina is, that if I'm Peppers, I sign the Franchise tender the minute they issue it, locking in the 21 MILLION DOLLARS (said with right pinky finger on side of mouth). Then Carolina is stuck (if he didn't sign the tender they could recind it later on and he reverts to being a Free Agent), they would have to deal Peppers then, and whoever they deal him to would have to first work out a contract re-negotiaition. That is alot of ifs and buts.

    IF Carolina goes the Franchise and trade route, I say the Pats wait it out.

    Carolina is going to get a 3rd round (comp) draft pick next year for Peppers, so they would have to think that they could score much higher than that in a trade in order to risk Frachising him again.

    IF he becomes a UFA, then the Pats are in the drivier's seat, because the Cowboys, Jets, Chargers, Colts, Vikings, Saints, Baltimore, and the Cardinals are all out of the running. Anytime Jerry Jones and Woody are on the sidelines, the price is bound to go down. Plus it leaves that Pats as one of the few true SB contenders he could sign with. So I really don't think the contract will be that outragous.
  5. DonBlackmon55

    DonBlackmon55 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Julius Peppers will not be a closed. When Pats are not willing to extend Willfork quickly, you think BK is willing to part with 20M from his 70M/yr profit making maching called NEP to sign a Peppers ?

    Yea, and that's before they've even negotiated with Tom Brady and his 20M contract extension.

    LOL. This is not the NE Redskins.
  6. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter

    #3 Jersey

    Not quite: A team subject to the Final Eight rules cannot trade for a player that they could not sign as an unrestricted free agent.
  7. BionicPatriot

    BionicPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Nobody is going to pay Peppers what some here think. I think the Patriots will do whatever they have to do to get their guy, it's not like they passed up pass rushers last year in FA.
  8. FreeTedWilliams

    FreeTedWilliams I'm no Mona Lisa Vito.... Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    Peppers is not going to get 20 mil from anybody, that is only the Franchise number due to the 120% rule.
  9. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    I believe that they can as long as they give up a player of equal salary.
  10. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

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    The newspaper I quoted out of Charlotte is the one that suggested here as being a possibility, but here's the key factor I wrote which would decide whether or not he could fit:

    "provided Peppers has changed his interest toward being with a winning franchise and isn’t looking for ridiculous money"

    We all knew during the last offseason that they're not going to break the bank for him, and it's going to be up to him whether or not he's going to seek big money or a shot at winning. If he does, then cross him off the list - because they won't do it.
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  11. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Wouldn't extend Wilfork quickly?!? So if they give him the exact same contract on March 4th that they would have given him today, they are cheap because they didn't do it fast enough? Is there a discount on money if you take your time? Didn't know that. I gotta get on my mortgage company and ask for a monthly extension so I can pay less per month on my mortgage.
  12. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Personally, I don't think Peppers is going to get ridiculous money even if he was looking for it. I don't think anyone really is.

    I think the Pats have a legitimate shot at him. Look at the Patriots history, when there is gaping holes they usually are agressive to fix the problem. In 2003, the defense was rebuilt with five new starters (Rosey Colvin, Harrison, Wilson, Poole, and Ted Washington). In 2007, the Pats rebuilt their receiving corp (Moss, Welker, Stallworth, and Kelly Washington) and tried to pay to get a LB who could cover TEs like Dallas Clark (Adalius Thomas).

    This year, probably the most glaring need is the front seven of the defense especially outside rushers. I expect the Pats to be aggressive in filling those positions especially since their payroll at the moment is at a seven or eight year low of $65 million or so. Peppers might not be the answer, but we are pretty sure there is a mutual interest. The question is can they make the numbers work.
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  13. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    The problem with any/all FAs or trades in which big money needs to change hands is that there is a potential for a 2011 lock out. Teams will receive revenue from the TV deals, but for everything else that they get, cash will be tight. That may translate in some teams being aprehensive in doling out large signing bonuses.

    To get back on point, Peppers can only help this D. As long as he stays in-line and is a solid team guy, I'm all for getting him in Foxboro.
  14. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    I am sure that most long term deals signed this offseason will have hefty roster bonuses tied to the 2011 season. Most teams are smart enough to protect themselves from a potential lockout especially for older players like Peppers who will be 33 in 2012.
  15. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    if it's true that brady, is about to get 15 to 18 million. then no not even at 7 million a year peppers, is not comeing here.
  16. Sicilian

    Sicilian Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    The salary cap does not work that way!

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  17. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Adalius Thomas is getting something like $6 million a year. Why would Belichick not pay Peppers $7 million a year if he thinks he is a difference maker on defense. That type of money is not outrageous for an OLB in the 3-4.
  18. the wrothbroughterer

    the wrothbroughterer On the Game Day Roster

    Not that I disagree with you on Peppers, but I think you're logic is way off. Teams don't sign players to extensions during the playoffs so to call ownership unwilling at this point is unfair and inaccurate. At this point management is still formulating its strategy for the offseason.
  19. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    im not saying it can't happen i just don't think it will.
  20. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    I think if Peppers is willing to take $7 million a year, he will be here if Belichick values him. The Pats are not cheap no matter what the perception is. If Belichick thinks he will be a consistent double sack guy who isn't a liability on the run, a $7 million a year price tag won't scare him away. They weren't scared away from paying Thomas, Moss, or Seymour top dollar.
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