Could a mild concussion have clouded Brady's performance in the 2nd half?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Bedard says it might be possible but just a guess

    Did Brady suffer a concussion? -

    I was watching the game and after Brady got the helmet to the head it looked as if he walked off really dazed and in another world,it also looked as if Brady was feeling the effects about a quarter later as the camera shows him with his head sunk low on the bench.

    Could a mild concussion explain the sudden bad throws and unusual behavior that the first 2 quarters didn't have?
  2. DocHoliday

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    Call it dark thinking, but the Patriots wouldn't and Tom definitely wouldn't allow himself to be checked even if he did suffer one.

    It's one thing to lose your receiver that way, but Tom is another.
  3. IllegalContact

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    failure to properly handle a concussion would only succeed in getting someone suspended for a long time. you can't do that
  4. 12ClutchFactor

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    Like it doesn't happen all over the league, including on this team. Plus, I know the policies were different back then, but ask Ted Johnson about this subject.
  5. chasa

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    The NFL has an independent Physical trainer in the viewers box, if he sees a player get hit he sends word down and they HAVE to check the player.

    If brady was concussed he must have hid it well.


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    Brady always seems to hide injuries well + he is as tough a s.o.b. as QBs get....wouldn't surprise me if he played with a light concussion.
  7. PatsFan2

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    That probably explained the 11 or 12 seconds lost before the half when BB had the chase him down to call a Time out!:mad:
  8. Silver Blue&Red

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    I have brought this up in several threads. I think there is a good possibility. Also he looked a little under the weather. There was a cold going around the team. Flying 3000 mi, playing in the rain....who knows. Not an exuse, just a possible senario.
  9. KontradictioN

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    I remember wondering if he had gotten his bell rung, but a concussion would be another way to describe the matter. Personally, I thought he just got gunshy after that. But a concussion would make the most sense since he was pretty close to abyssmal after that.
  10. ForThoseAboutToRock

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    Self quoting from another thread

  11. TruthSeeker

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    Despite my disappointment in TFB not getting it done yesterday, and blaming him partially for the loss, Brady is one TOUGH mofo. He's taken some wicked hits through the years. It would not surprise me if he did get a consussion and protested any attempt to take him out of the game. TFB is a sports God.
  12. reflexblue

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    I don't think it was a concussion, most of the throws where low. He was trying to throw a wet ball with a lot of zip on it. At least one int went through welkers hands and into a seahawks. If he had a concussion his decision making would be bad not his throws.
  13. MoLewisrocks

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    No, that one's on Belichick since the decision on how to approach those instances is made in advance and he obviously had second thoughts. Didn't take him 17 seconds to run down the sidelines, he thought about it for 11 or 12 and then paniced. At that point he'd have been better off running the play or calling for a spike and seeing what transpired before deciding whether or not to use the time out. Once he did it limited their play calling options for the remaining of 17 seconds.


    #12 Jersey can't say both of those intentional grounding calls were good decisions,I truly think his normal mental machine was off late in the 2nd and into the third and fourth quarters.

    Concussion?...we may never know,especially if it was more of a minor one,I never had one to know if even a slight one could keep you from playing QB
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  15. BradyFTW!

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    That bugged the hell out of me, too. You've already let 11 seconds run down -- just run the play, at that point. Timeouts are valuable, and the Pats screwed themselves over by wasting them in both halves.


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    The clock management was so bad at that point in the game that I swear,I looked over and saw this man as coach on the sidelines :eek:....

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