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    I wanted to say a special thank you to the men and women of the National Park Service and Foundations. America's most historic and naturally beautiful places are adoringly cared for by these public servants. And they are absolutely some of the finest people you will ever meet.

    Thanks to all of you; our national treasures are in very good hands.

    - Sarah Palin

    SarahPAC - Sarah Palin's Official PAC

    With This:

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, weighing a presidential bid next year, said she opposes raising the U.S. debt ceiling and welcomes a government shutdown in the fight over federal spending.

    Speaking to business executives and civic leaders in Woodbury, New York, Palin said her fellow Republicans shouldn’t be deterred by Democratic “scare tactics” over a possible government shutdown.

    A shutdown would force President Barack Obama to work with Republicans, she said yesterday. “Not necessarily would that be a bad thing on either side.”

    Palin Tells Business Group U.S. Government Shutdown Would Help Curb Debt - Bloomberg

    Does this mean she's forgotten that these "finest people" are the same people that just 4 months ago she wanted to put out of business and take paychecks away from?

    And yes, I am aware that Sarah's not the only politician that routinely changes position and speaks out of both sides of her mouth - but she is the one who most often claims to be "different" and "real," and who takes great delight in pointing out Romney's flip-flops and therefore I hold her to her own stated standards.
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