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Consider the Possibilities

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by HeartofaPatriot, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Let's look at this as me playing madden and building my roster with amazing youth all under 25 except seymour and Brady and Mankins. lol jk anyways

    Chicago Bears- Deon Branch for Lance Briggs and Benard berrian with a 4th rounder as compensation. Now i love deon the player when he makes plays and shut's his mouth but i'd do that in a heartbeat.

    Detroit Lions- Well all these posters been talking about Charlie rogers potential we just might see that not that Deon Would be welcomed in detroit obviously marinelli is like b b light he wouldn't take a disgruntled employee who let alone is holding out. But we still could see what we can squeeze out of charlie rogers untapped ability.

    Philly Eagles- how much would u love to see one of the eagles starting corner backs in a pats uni i sure would.

    Minny Vikings- this is really our best chance for pulling that 1st or 2nd round pick right here Koren can't put the bottle down and troy willaimson is unproven really would help brad johnson to have deons precise routes in that minny offense by brad where my hair go childress.

    Cleveland Browns - I really doubt this unless romeo absolutely loves him I don't think Romeo would feel comfortable making such a lucrative trade that could make or break a franchise he knows how the pats roll.

    All this said I'd like to see this whole thing get revolved if it can not then screw deon i routed for him as a rookie i read his draft profile and thought wow what a nice guy same as everyone here if he is chasing the big bucks and that matters more to him then achieving nfl supremacy then maybe he shouldn't be here. I mean come on after the first millions and millions of dollars happiness in staying with Tom and his buds and his team and the city that embraced the lil smurf gotta amount to something if not trade him to the highest bidder screw his feelings cause he's saying screw ours.

    ps. Someone in his family must have a real costly coke habit if he needs those extra millions more than the team that system molded him to a mvp.

    Sorry this post was so long GO PATS!

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