Conservative play calling early, refs - reasons they stuck

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patsman, Nov 4, 2007.

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    I'm not one to point out poor officiating as an excuse most of the time cuz most of the time it's a sad excuse, but wow, that was ridiculous. I'll give the ponies the call against Samuel on the first big PI call, but that second one was ridiculous. That offensive pass interference call on Moss - if that cost us the game, I would have been smashing windows. I mean, we set a franchise record for most penalty yards in a game - ironic????!?!?!

    I'm still questioning the play calling early. Someone said BB was coaching scared, I think it was a little bit of an overstatement, but I do think he was going really conservative. What we saw in the 4th quarter is what we've been seeing from this team all year - spread offense, Brady in the shotgun, throwing 70% of the time. The play calling early where we were pulling the draws was somewhat affective, but it was also so game shortening and it just wasn't the rythm that this team knows so well. If anything is learned from this one, I just hope we stick to what works for us because our talent on offense is so unreal as far as our passing game, there isn't a team out there that can stop it. Sure Tom threw a couple picks, one was a brutal decision and the other was just a poor pass - KB had room. I would love to have known what this coaching staff was thinking and if it was intentional - did they want to keep it close and take them down in the 4th?

    My gutt feeling is if we play this team again in the playoffs - the outcome is going to be much different. For all the dolt fans(and Merrill Friggin Hodge) talking about how much Harrison's absence was the differene - injuries are part of the game.

    Collinsworth actually said it best(with the exception of Harrison) - the Colts got so much of what they needed in their favor in this game AND STILL LOST. They had the running game effective, they had the calls on their side, the game was at home - and they still lost.

    I'll admit, I lost a little faith in the second half because the style of the game was working in Indy's favor - BUT THANK GOD. This one feels good - I would just love to see us spank them at home in the playoffs.
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    1. I thought the Pats fell in love with running on first down too much. I was wodnering why they were doing. The only logical answer was try to wear down the pass rush. I thought at times the playcalling basically was extremely conservative.

    2. This offense goes when Wes Welker goes and he wasn't utilized until the tail end of the game.

    3. The Pats adjusted way too late with giving Brady time. The tackles were getting burnt big time by freeney and mathis.

    It wasn't until the pats went to the 3 wr set and left a tight end and faulk into block that he finally had time to pass.

    4. I didn't really agree with going nickle most of the time as the colts exploited rodney in the running game. But the defense wasn't the issue in this game.
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