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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by All_Around_Brown, Mar 1, 2006.

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    Having spent some time debating them here, it is now abundantly clear to me that the "conservative" position is to disregard social diseases that affect huge populations (asbestosis: our resident "conservatives" have no interest in taking care of them; Gulf War Syndrome: our resident "conservatives" have no interest in taking care of them- no offense, its a personal responsibility thing). These are social diseases because they are a direct result of our society's ever expanding basis in the military industrial complex.

    There are the big tort reform issues involved here, that the government refuses to take responsibility for. If we simply stop the generosity and compensation that sucks all that money from you and me in the form of taxes, while allowing those responsible for the problem to skate by and continue with their profit motive, won't we all be so much happier?? Thats the "conservative position" after all, isn't it??

    I mean, why should my insurance premiums go up because I must pay for that pipe fitters mesothelioma? Why must I pay more for health insurance because somebody came back from Iraq in 1992 with an illness? How about those first responders in 911 who are now getting sick? Should I have to suffer because they chose to put themselves in harms way?

    The people that caused those illnesses have made their money. They are long gone most likely, and defend themselves with the type of corporate lawyers that limited our governments liability in Bhopal India (judging by Bushs reception, they still haven't gotten over that one). But their corporations still survive and still make money for their shareholders. And they pass their liabilities onto us, the taxpayer.

    Now who in the hell is gonna pay for these liabilities?

    Who wants to pay for a trillion dollar war that is helping none of us except those greedy dirtbags that own stocks in Halliburton, Exxon, Boeing and United Defense (you know who you are)? This is what happens when a fascist state is in full swing. It is exactly what Ike was warning us about. Let me repeat that: It is exactly what Ike was warning us about - military-industrial complex. The same complex that ended up bankrupting the USSR.

    You pay your taxes, that money filters through a corporate lobby based government back to the corporation, that in turn uses you for their profit and the cycle starts over again.

    That appears to be the basis of modern "conservatism". There isn't a shred of personal responsibility in it. It is a greedy every man for himself attitude. Our troops are being used as cannon fodder for greedy corporatists. Don't think so? Explain to me then why, if we are so concerned about terrorism, the UAE is going to control our ports.

    Follow the money stupid. OK....let me have it for writing such outlandish crazy schit.

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