Congress Woman Wants Bush Tax Cuts Extended.

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, May 24, 2012.

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    Yes ... imagine this.
    Has to be a trick

    Nancy Pelosi’s risky pander on taxes - The Washington Post

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    Can't stand this lady, she's everything that's wrong with liberals......Her and Reid give a bad names to all Libs, they need to kick her to the curb....:rocker:
  3. patsfan13

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    The dirty little secret is that largest % tax cuts in the "Bush tax cuts" went to lower and middle income people. For all the rhetoric about tax cuts for the rich from the dems they know that if the tax cuts expire the middle class and working poor will get hammered.

    So they are now backtracking and will continue to scream about tax cuts for the rich......
  4. sdaniels7114

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    For it to be a dirty little secret is has to 1) be true, and 2) not be screamed constantly by partisan hacks.
  5. wistahpatsfan

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    This is about getting the vote done so Republicans can be identified as supporters for tax cuts for the rich. It's all about the neocons' position in the CLASS WARS
  6. patsfan13

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    Well the folks paying the 10% rate are going to go to a 15% rate effectively a 50% increase in their federal rate, of course partisan hacks ignore this simple fact.
  7. PatsFanInVa

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    sure 13, and that's a killer point to make with everybody arguing for the Bush cuts for the middle class and poor to expire. That group would be... oh that's right, nobody.

    By the way, the rates prior to 2003 where 15% was the lowest bracket taxed 15% from $0 to about $27K on a single income.

    The 2003 rates introduced a 10% bracket for those making about $7,500 or less. The rest of those people stayed at 15%.

    By the way, aren't those the same people you believe should be paying more?

    If there's anybody who'd want that 10% rate to expire in this conversation, it's you, with your constant complaint about how many poor people have a $0 effective tax burden.

  8. PatsFanInVa

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    By the way - I can see the tactics of the move but it's extremely annoying strategically. Sooner or later we have to get to the point where we admit you're doing fine if you make $250K. I am in a high cost of living area, and the Mrs. is no longer bread-winning for various reasons (and they're legit, so please try to avoid personal attacks on that subject.) I bring in just enough where I've started earning a few thousand that don't get social security taxed. That's it for the household. Sure I'd like to have more $ - everybody would. But I'm making good progress against my ridiculously underwater mortgage, and we live just fine (i.e., I am selfish enough to eat lunch out each day, we order dinner when we want, the Mrs. sometimes -- far too often, actually -- persuades me to take her to a casino.)

    If there's all that left over at my income, I'm thinking the income north of $250k might include an expendible dollar or two as well.

    Now granted -- I am not paying for a jet ski, a European vacation, three ivy league educations, blah blah blah. But that hardly establishes the earner of said income as "stuggling."

  9. patsfan13

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    Of course everyone will see a tax increase.

    What End of Bush Tax Cuts Would Mean for You -

    There will be a harsher marriage penalty, indexing for the alternative minimum which will hit millions of middle income taxpayers.

    Read the article.
  10. The Brandon Five

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    No need for libs to worry. I have every confidence that the tone-deaf GOP will play right into their hands.


  11. Real World

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    We don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem.

    When DC, or governments of all kinds for that matter, get their spending in order, then they can consider discussing taxes with the people who pay them. To me, we pay in enough already. At every level we get bent over and asked for more. It's not just "taxes" either. As Sdaniels illustrated in a post yesterday, "governments" find all kinds of ways to nickel and dime us into subsmission. Enough's enough. Get your spending in order, and then come talk to us about taxes.
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  12. Hebeill

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    I remember on the eve of these odious cuts being rammed down the throats of the amerian people by use of Reconciliation. Fifty economists gathered in washington spoke out against it, one was in his nineties and had to be wheeled up to the mike. They protested the tax cuts saying they'd be disasterous, they were right. These tax cuts along with two unfunded wars proved to much.
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