Congrats to National Sports Advisors - The Clear Winner...!!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by QuiGon, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Congrats to National Sports Advisors, the winner of the "Predict the Punishment" thread..!!

    "1st, 4th, and a 500K fine." - National Sports Advisors

    Other honorable mentions...

    "Draft Pick: second round, Fine: $500,000, BB Suspension: none" - PatsFanSince74

    "2-1st round draft picks (one next year, and one the following), 1 million dollar fine to the team, Belichick suspended for 1 game." - InBillITrust

    "2nd round pick next year, substantial fine, no suspension." - JoePats

    "Although, the fact that we have 2 1st rounders scares me... the temptation is certainly there for Goodell to snatch one of those." - QuiGon :D

    "2nd and 4th and no suspension" - PatsRI
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