CONGRATS. Pats fans all over the World.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by abdul7, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Gives me great joy and pleasure to wish all my fellow fans of the Greatest Team in the History of the NFL. I know what we went through last night becoz i was one of them. Wasnt pretty but the result is what matters. We have been spoiled too much to just expect our players to be like 'machines'. They are humans and such a BIG game can effect some plays to go wrong with soo much on the line and being heavy favorites. I didnt sleep with all the joy on my mind. I shed a few tears remembering last year but this time the tears were differant, joyfull ones. As i was reading the game thread i was disapointed with some of our fans. Some were coaches ! others panicing and cursing ! no faith in our heroes who after all are 'humans'. Bravo to the ones who 'believed'. Destiny is ours God Willing and Immortality only 2 weeks away.
    Take good care and God Bless. Peace. Abdul
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