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    Hey fellas,
    Well looks like the Pats finally got caught up in the perfect storm - unlucky bounces, untimely gaffes and Brady showing that he is in fact mortal.
    Pats handled the Donkeys running attack much better than I expected and the D overall played well. The offense and special teams obviously did not, which is a complete reversal of how I thought this game would go down.
    It's pretty amazing that something like this hasn't happened like this before in the playoffs. Some of it is discipline, which the team lacked lasty night, but some of it is just the bounce of the ball. Those bounces just didn't go the Pats way.
    You all will break down the game and what went wrong so I'll refrain from going into all that.
    Just wanted to say congrats on a good season. The team played much better down the stretch than I thought they were capable of with a banged up OL, a nonexistant running game and no Harrison, who is the most important part of the D with the possible exception of Seymour.
    It's obviously no fun losing in this fashion (believe me, I know) but there is life after football. At least til next season and the Pats will contend for championships as long as Brady is their QB.
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