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  1. Hey Pats fans...Bronco fan here weighing in from Denver...just wanted to congradulate you for taking care of the Chargers...nice to not have to listen to their silly bravado on our board over here at the OrangeMane now...I saw this one coming a mile away...Marty vs. Bill? Mr. Clutch vs. Mr. Choke...what a shock that another Schottenheimer-led team swirled the drain and dissapeared at playoff can set a clock by that guy losing playoff games.

    On another thread the question was asked as to whether the Pats are a classless team. Frankly I've always been impressed with how much class the Pats do have. I live in Dallas where they have the most classless player of all and when they were winning in the '90's no team exhibited less class than the Cowboys. We've had our share of jerks in Denver too...Romanowski comes to mind...and most NFL teams have these guys...but when I think of the Patriots I'm hard pressed to think of any wife beaters, druggies, nut jobs with guns, roid heads, drug dealers or even anybody with a big mouth. Maybe I don't follow your team enough to know about it or maybe it doesn't make the news but it seems to me the Pats are a class act...certainly several notches above the Chargers, whose fans act lilke they've done something when it's been since the AFL merger when they last won a title. Celebrations don't define class...actions by individuals and teams do.

    I hope you go on to paste forehead boy and the annoying Colts in the playoffs...and if it's Chicago in the Superbowl I'll be rooting for your team...if New Orleans then I gotta go for the Saints just because after Katrina it would be so cool for them to finally win one. Either guys have an excellent team and I wish you luck.

    Football's a little less important these days in Denver as you can imagine in the wake of D-Will...but moving on from that we're all excited about next year with our new QB and some new weapons...I can't wait to face you again next year with a more experienced Jay Cutler and a revamped defense to see if we can keep up the succcess we've had against the Pats over the last few years. But in the meantime...go kick some arrogant Manning *** would ya please? :D
  2. Clonamery

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    Many thanks.
  3. zoostation

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    I'm going to have to use the "c" word again. Classy post! Thanks.
  4. nhpatsfan

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    Thank you. Very gracious post from a fan of a team that has been through a lot.
    And, we'll be happy to take care of The Forehead for you :)
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    Great post. We'll take care of manning for you next week!
  6. MDD

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    I'd like to add that your team has always scared the living bejesus out of me and I'm so glad we didn't have to face them this year.

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