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    From the tidbit department, three of the four teams that have advanced to this point in the season traditionally have played very well in conference championship games. Here are the records of the 4 remaining teams in conference championship games in the Super Bowl era:

    New York Giants 3-0
    New England Patriots 5-1
    Green Bay Packers 4-1*
    San Diego Chargers 1-2

    *Technically, "conference" championship games started in 1970 for Super Bowl V, but Green Bay was 2-0 in the NFL Championship games preceding Super Bowls 1 and 2, which were, for all intents and purposes, the same as "conference championships," which brings their total record to 4-1.

    If New England wins on Sunday and the Giants lose, New England will have the best conference championship game winning percentage of any team that has played in more than 2 such games. (The Bengals (2-0), Ravens (1-0) and Seahawks (1-0) all have 1.000 winning percentages.)
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