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Condraft 3 round mock 3/6/2008

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by sebman2112, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    Mar 5, 2007
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    #1 The Dolphins Pick:
    Chris Long (DE, Virginia)
    Bill Parcells has been active during the early stages of free agency. Missing out on Calvin Pace, however, could be a sign of what the Dolphins do with this pick. At the combine, Chris Long was spectacular. He ran a 4.75 40-yard dash and was extremely impressive in all of the drills. Long showed the type of athleticism that a 3-4 OLB needs, and could end up playing in that spot for Miami. There are some who still believe he could line up as a DE in a 3-4, but that versatility is definitely not a negative. I still think the Dolphins are shopping this pick, but if they stay put I think they go with Long.

    #2 The Rams Pick:
    Jake Long (OT, Michigan)
    I’m having a difficult time deciding what the Rams will do with this pick. I really don’t know if selecting Jake Long is wise given the atrocious defense and the fact that for next season, they already have two starting OT’s. However, I don’t think they’re really looking at Gholston here and I’m not sure they want to invest another high pick in a DT after drafting Carriker last year and with some young talent on the roster already. When all is said and done, I think they may go with the safest pick here, Michigan’s Jake Long. Even if he doesn’t play much as a rookie, once Orlando Pace calls it quits, Long could step in and be a very good LT for a long time.

    #3 The Falcons Pick:
    Matt Ryan (QB, Boston College)
    The signing of Michael Turner indicates that the Falcons will not draft Darren McFadden. Between Jake Long, Glenn Dorsey, and Sedrick Ellis the Falcons have quite a decision to make. But, is it possible that they may have already made their choice? With basically nothing at QB, there is no question the Falcons will draft one- the question is, where and who? Although I don’t believe Matt Ryan is the franchise guy many make him out to be, there is no questioning his intangibles, work ethic, and pure throwing skills, and I think the Falcons would like to help get over the loss of Michael Vick with a well-rounded, big-time prospect, rather than hoping the guy they like falls to them in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    #4 The Raiders Pick:
    Glenn Dorsey (DT, Louisiana State)
    It’s hard to envision Al Davis passing on Darren McFadden here, but something tells me the Raiders will go for a DT. Glenn Dorsey is a Warren Sapp-like DT with incredible talent. I don’t think this is Dewayne Robertson 2.0, as I firmly believe that if he can stay healthy, Dorsey will be a dominant force at the NFL level. An excellent burst, along with insane quickness and decent technique make Dorsey a monster who lives in the opponents backfield. No player in the country gets penetration like Dorsey, and although he doesn’t clog up the middle like some big bodies, he can still make a huge impact in run defense. Injury history may be of some cause for concern, but all the talk of dropping out of the top ten because of medical issues at the combine was completely ridiculous. The bottom line was that Dorsey, even if he was injured, played through the pain, which I think speaks to his toughness and heart. While he was hurt, all he did was help his team to a National Championship.

    #5 The Chiefs Pick:
    Sedrick Ellis (DT, USC)
    It’s no secret that the Chiefs need a LT and would love for Jake Long to fall to them here. The problem is, the three teams directly ahead of them could all use Long. Last year at pick 5, the Cardinals took Levi Brown, when most thought he would be taken in the 10-15 range. Could we see a similar “reach” this year? Word out of Kansas City is that Herm Edwards likes Jeff Otah, but don’t be surprised to see them go after Ryan Clady. In an ideal situation, they would trade down, take Otah or Clady, and acquire more picks. If they stayed put and decided to wait until round 2 to address OT, a guy like Sedrick Ellis would be hard to pass up. Ellis was unquestionably the most dominant player at the senior bowl and stood out throughout his career at USC. A run stuffer who can also get after the passer from the inside, Ellis recorded 8.5 sacks as a senior for the Trojans.

    #6 The Jets Pick:
    Darren McFadden (HB, Arkansas)
    The Jets have been extremely active during free agency and have essentially filled four of their biggest holes: OLB (Calvin Pace), OG (Alan Faneca), NT (Kris Jenkins), and RT (Damien Woody). Plus they attempted to deal Dewayne Robertson for two picks, and although that deal fell through, I think it may be a clue as to what the Jets are thinking about coming into the draft. In desperate need of an electric playmaker, I think the Jets have allowed themselves to make a run at Darren McFadden. Moving up just one or two spots could cost them quite a bit, but remember, this team will sacrifice picks to get the guy they want (Revis, Harris in 2007). I’m not sure if it will be at pick 6, but I really like the chances of the 4.33-running monster known as D-Mac ending up a Jet on draft day. But, then again, these are the Jets…

    #7 The Patriots Pick:
    Vernon Gholston (DE, Ohio State)
    Apparently the 49ers thought they wouldn’t be terrible this year, but as we all know, they were wrong. There is an excellent chance that the Patriots will pull the same trick on some other poor team that they did on the Niners and trade down with this pick to acquire an 09 first. If they do stay put however, a guy like Vernon Gholston would be hard to pass up. Undoubtedly the most impressive overall performer at the combine, Gholston is this year’s version of Shawne Merriman. The difference here is that Gholston is actually further along as a football player than Merriman was coming out of Maryland. Although he was surprisingly quiet in the National Championship Game, Gholston had a fantastic junior year at Ohio State, recording 13 sacks.

    #8 The Ravens Pick:
    Leodis McKelvin (CB, Troy State)

    #9 The Bengals Pick:
    Derrick Harvey (DE, Florida)

    #10 The Saints Pick:
    Kentwan Balmer (DT, North Carolina)

    #11 The Bills Pick:
    Keith Rivers (LB, USC)

    #12 The Broncos Pick:
    Ryan Clady (OT, Boise State)

    #13 The Panthers Pick:
    Rashard Mendenhall (HB, Illinois)

    #14 The Bears Pick:
    Jeff Otah (OT, Pittsburgh)

    #15 The Lions Pick:
    Mike Jenkins (CB, South Florida)

    #16 The Cardinals Pick:
    Aqib Talib (CB, Kansas)

    #17 The Vikings Pick:
    Phillip Merling (DE, Clemson)

    #18 The Texans Pick:
    Jonathan Stewart (HB, Oregon)

    #19 The Eagles Pick:
    Kenny Phillips (S, Miami (FL))

    #20 The Buccaneers Pick:
    Malcolm Kelly (WR, Oklahoma)

    #21 The Redskins Pick:
    Lawrence Jackson (DE, USC)

    #22 The Cowboys Pick:
    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB, Tennessee State)

    #23 The Steelers Pick:
    Chris Williams (OT, Vanderbilt)

    #24 The Titans Pick:
    DeSean Jackson (WR, California)

    #25 The Seahawks Pick:
    Branden Albert (OG, Virginia)

    #26 The Jaguars Pick:
    Calais Campbell (DE, Miami (FL))

    #27 The Chargers Pick:
    Reggie Smith (CB, Oklahoma)

    #28 The Cowboys Pick:
    Limas Sweed (WR, Texas)

    #29 The 49ers Pick:
    Quentin Groves (DE, Auburn)

    #30 The Packers Pick:
    Brandon Flowers (CB, Virginia Tech)

    #31 The Giants Pick:
    Antoine Cason (CB, Arizona)

    Round Two:

    #32 The Dolphins Pick:
    Brian Brohm (QB, Louisville)

    #33 The Rams Pick:
    Dan Connor (LB, Penn State)

    #34 The Falcons Pick:
    Gosder Cherilus (OT, Boston College)

    #35 The Raiders Pick:
    Sam Baker (OT, USC)

    #36 The Chiefs Pick:
    Anthony Collins (OT, Kansas)

    #37 The Jets Pick:
    Terrell Thomas (CB, USC)

    #38 The Ravens Pick:
    James Hardy (WR, Indiana)

    #39 The 49ers Pick:
    Adarius Bowman (WR, Oklahoma State)

    #40 The Saints Pick:
    Jerod Mayo (LB, Tennessee)

    #41 The Bills Pick:
    Tracy Porter (CB, Indiana)

    #42 The Broncos Pick:
    DaJuan Morgan (S, North Carolina State)

    #43 The Panthers Pick:
    Dustin Keller (TE, Purdue)

    #44 The Bears Pick:
    Chad Henne (QB, Michigan)

    #45 The Lions Pick:
    Felix Jones (HB, Arkansas)

    #46 The Bengals Pick:
    Curtis Lofton (LB, Oklahoma)

    #47 The Vikings Pick:
    John Carlson (TE, Notre Dame)

    #48 The Falcons Pick:
    Dre Moore (DT, Maryland)

    #49 The Eagles Pick:
    Earl Bennett (WR, Vanderbilt)

    #50 The Cardinals Pick:
    Bruce Davis (DE, UCLA)

    #51 The Redskins Pick:
    Patrick Lee (CB, Auburn)

    #52 The Buccaneers Pick:
    Justin King (CB, Penn State)

    #53 The Steelers Pick:
    Chilo Rachal (OG, USC)

    #54 The Titans Pick:
    Chevis Jackson (CB, Louisiana State)

    #55 The Seahawks Pick:
    Christopher Johnson (HB, East Carolina)

    #56 The Packers Pick:
    Fred Davis (TE, USC)

    #57 The Dolphins Pick:
    DeJuan Tribble (CB, Boston College)

    #58 The Jaguars Pick:
    Pat Sims (DT, Auburn)

    #59 The Colts Pick:
    Geno Hayes (LB, Florida State)

    #60 The Packers Pick:
    Kirk Barton (OT, Ohio State)

    #61 The Cowboys Pick:
    Jamaal Charles (HB, Texas)

    #62 The Patriots Pick:
    Simeon Castille (CB, Alabama)

    #63 The Giants Pick:
    Erin Henderson (LB, Maryland)
  2. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Round 3:

    #64 The Dolphins Pick:
    Letroy Guion (DT, Florida State)

    #65 The Rams Pick:
    Early Doucet (WR, Louisiana State)

    #66 The Chiefs Pick:
    Charles Godfrey (CB, Iowa)

    #67 The Patriots Pick:
    Tony Hills (OT, Texas)

    #68 The Falcons Pick:
    Martin Rucker (TE, Missouri)

    #69 The Panthers Pick:
    Carl Nicks (OT, Nebraska)

    #70 The 49ers Pick:
    Andre Woodson (QB, Kentucky)

    #71 The Bills Pick:
    Devin Thomas (WR, Michigan State)

    #72 The Jaguars Pick:
    Harry Douglas (WR, Louisville)

    #73 The Vikings Pick:
    Eric Young (OT, Tennessee)

    #74 The Panthers Pick:
    Frank Okam (DT, Texas)

    #75 The Bears Pick:
    Mario Manningham (WR, Michigan)

    #76 The Lions Pick:
    Marcus Harrison (DT, Arkansas)

    #77 The Bengals Pick:
    Red Bryant (DT, Texas A&M)

    #78 The Saints Pick:
    Brad Cottam (TE, Tennessee)

    #79 The Texans Pick:
    Xavier Adibi (LB, Virginia Tech)

    #80 The Eagles Pick:
    Heath Benedict (OT, Newberry)

    #81 The Cardinals Pick:
    Ray Rice (HB, Rutgers)

    #82 The Vikings Pick:
    Zackary Bowman (CB, Nebraska)

    #83 The Buccaneers Pick:
    Andre Caldwell (WR, Florida)

    #84 The Redskins Pick:
    Eddie Royal (WR, Virginia Tech)

    #85 The Titans Pick:
    Chris Ellis (DE, Virginia Tech)

    #86 The Seahawks Pick:
    Jermichael Finley (TE, Texas)

    #87 The Lions Pick:
    Jonathan Goff (LB, Vanderbilt)

    #88 The Steelers Pick:
    Philip Wheeler (LB, Georgia Tech)

    #89 The Jaguars Pick:
    Josh Barrett (S, Arizona State)

    #90 The Bears Pick:
    Kevin Smith (HB, Central Florida)

    #91 The Packers Pick:
    Wesley Woodyard (LB, Kentucky)

    #92 The Cowboys Pick:
    Oniel Cousins (OG, Texas-El Paso)

    #93 The Colts Pick:
    Mike Hart (HB, Michigan)

    #94 The Patriots Pick:
    Trevor Laws (DE, Notre Dame)

    #95 The Giants Pick:
    Tyrell Johnson (S, Arkansas State)

    To recap, NE selects:
    Vernon Gholston
    Simeon Castille
    Tony Hills
    Trevor Laws
  3. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox PatsFans.com Supporter

    Feb 8, 2005
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    #50 Jersey

    I'd be disappointed if that is how the draft turned out and, honestly, I'd truly start to question the Pats scouting staff.

    Castille - Who? First off, he is projected as a FS. Yes, he played CB at Alabama for one season, but he's too slow to play corner in the NFL. The Pats don't need another free safety. They need a CORNER.
    Hills - A horrible pick for an O-lineman for the Pats zone blocking. Wouldn't be an upgrade over Kaczur or Neal. He's not very mobile and he's not a mauler. Plus, he has serious medical red flags. The Pats already have an O-lineman like that in O'Callaghan.
    Laws - Isn't going to be there at the end of the 3rd round. He's a 4-3 DT, which makes him a 3-4 DE. The Pats are already 5 deep at DE for the 3-4.

    Condraft usually is pretty decent, but this is just horrible.
  4. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    Mar 5, 2007
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    I've had that same opinion about some of their other mocks throughout this current draft process. Last year and in 2006 I thought they had some of the better mocks, and some good profiles, but I haven't had that same opinion when looking over their 2008 mocks. They must have some different scouts this year, or something.

    It's still interesting to get another opinion though...
  5. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Oct 7, 2007
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    i dont see the pats taking a tackle with 1st pick in the 3rd round when they can take Goff, and fill an absolute need at ILB....
  6. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Sep 14, 2004
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    #75 Jersey

    Agreed. I'm good with Gholston, but Castille isn't a second round guy. If Laws is there in the third, then I'm all for taking him. This draft would be much more likely if they swapped Castille and Laws spots in the order. That would look semi-realistic, but I wouldn't be thrilled with it.
  7. Ochmed Jones

    Ochmed Jones Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Dec 21, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    I think Castille was involved in an off the field incident on campus, a fight or something.

    But despite that, if Saban gives him the thumbs up, BB might over draft the kid, who can say?
  8. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox PatsFans.com Supporter

    Feb 8, 2005
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    #50 Jersey

    Why would you take ANOTHER DE? The Pats currently have Warren, Seymour, Green, Wright and Smith at DE. What would adding Laws bring other than a wasted pick?

    DE is really the ONLY spot I DON'T see the Pats drafting this year because of the depht they have there currently. NT, most certainly. But not DE.

    As Ochmed also mentioned, Castille has some legal troubles. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct by a judge and has appealed the ruling. That court date isn't until June.

    The other issues I have with Castille is that he's, supposedly, not overly motivated regarding film study and learning plays. That, instantly would take him off the Pats radar if true.
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