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Competition on the Pats roster...there will be a lot of it...

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, May 18, 2009.

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    With 92 on the roster for now, this year there will be much competition on various levels....Firstly, over the next 2 months, the roster of 92 will be trimmed to 80 as the draftees are signed and as other players are brought in. Some of the UDFAs will not make it..There will be a few others vets brought in..but the FIRST competition will be to get to the Pats training camp...whic can NOT happen with all of these players.
    There will be competition for starting roles in some positions and for playing time and for particular roles on the team. The right side of the offensive line is a place where there will be a lot of this as will one outside linebacker slot and corner back. That should be quite interesting.
    There also is competition to make it on the roster of 53. While a bit more spots are open on offense, the defense also has a few..but competition will be tough...and injuries unfortunately always make a difference. Already, McKenzie is gone for the year and he was sure to make the team as an inside backer. What seemed like a strength now changed with that injury. With added vets, this will be quite fun to watch and many of the fringe players may make the team based on special team play.
    Lastly, among the fringe players, there will be competition for the practice squad. Sometimes it's more a positional situation as a 3rd TE or a 3rd QB is needed, so teh roster configuration does matter some, but there will always be players that need development and are just a year or so away.
    It will be really interesting to see which UDFAs make it to camp that are on the list now...and which are gone. I suspect after this week, there might be some cuts..but in teh end, this roster will be deep in most positions..with a shadow roster of players to step in if needed.
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