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    FWIW, after Week 12, here is how the conferences stack up against each other. The first number is in-conference but non-divisional, the second inter-conference, and the third is the total.

    AFC West 9-7, 7-3 (NFCW), 16-10
    AFC East 7-8, 9-4 (NFCN), 16-12
    AFC South 7-7, 9-7 (NFCE), 16-14
    AFC North 8-9, 7-6 (NFCS), 15-15
    NFC East 8-6, 7-9 (AFCS), 15-15
    NFC South 6-7, 6-7 (AFCN), 12-14
    NFC North 10-9, 4-9 (AFCE), 14-18
    NFC West 8-10, 3-7 (AFCW), 11-17

    Not terribly surprisingly, no division is more than one game away from .500 within its conference, and, again, not too surprisingly, no AFC division has a losing record, while no NFC division has a winning record.
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    This just confirms that the Pats' stiffest Playoff competition is coming out of the AFC West.

    The second thing to take away from this is how much of a challenge the AFC East has been. It has forced this team to re-analyze their game and work to improve because the Jest and Billys created some problems for them. Miami's D is probably the toughest test remaining this season, the fact that all three AFCE rivals remain in the hunt for a wildcard berth is a good sign for how this team has been challanged in the regular season.
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    great stats ctpatsfans

    take the Bears for example, they are 9-2 overall and their only two losses have been to the AFC teams (Pats and Dolphins)

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