Comparing the 4-0 starts (Pats recent history)

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    A lot of talk has been made to downgrade the Pats' 4-0 start, comments such as "They haven't beaten anybody of note" or "Wait until they play a real offense/defense". Well, here were the Pats' previous 4-0 starts in recent history:

    1997: Pats destroy a bad San Diego team in Foxboro, then destroy a bad team in Indy. Bledsoe threw 8 TDs to 8 different receivers. All looked well after two games. Then came Tuna Bowl I in which the "BB owns Bledsoe" theme started to take hold. The game went to OT in which Pete Carroll was so afraid of having Bledsoe throw the ball that he fed the rock repeatedly to Curtis Martin (one of Pete's better moments) for a win, but the luster of the strong 2-0 start faded quite a bit. In the fourth game, the Pats demolished a bad Bears team 31-3 on the scoreboard, but the game was closer than the scoreboard indicated. Bledsoe got killed, repeatedly getting blasted after releasing the ball. A 17-3 score blew up late thanks to Martin ripping off a 70yd TD run and a defensive score. After these four games, nobody was talking of 16-0 by any stretch. The Pats got drilled in Denver the following game and lost 5 of 7 including that Denver game, the lowlight being a 27-7 pasting in Tampa.

    1999: Pats squeak out the opener in NY, then have one of their best comebacks ever vs. Indy in a game that Indy decided to stop blitzing and play prevent the entire 2nd half. In game three, the Pats snuck by the Giants on SNF in Foxboro before winning their fourth game vs. the expansion Browns in Cleveland. Again, nobody was talking juggernaut after these four games. Ironically, the Pats lost the next two games by one play in each (Vinatieri's hitting the upright in KC and not able to stop a 4th down conversion by Damon Huard vs. Miami) and would have had a chance to be 8-0 at the bye before the 2nd half collapse that got Pete fired.

    2002: (Okay, I cheated since this was a 3-0 start) Pats demolish the secondary-weak Steelers and then destroy the Jets in NY. The SB champs looked strong in their title defense. Then KC came to town and exposed a horrible run D on the edges. Troy Brown had a game for the ages (16 catches) as the Pats won 41-38 in OT, but the message was out: The Pats can't stop the run. The Chargers scored 3 TDs all over 50 yards the following week, including two runs by LDT and the Pats lost their next four including that SD game.

    2004: This was the best team in Pats history (so far) and even their 4-0 start wasn't as impressive as 2007's start. The Pats squeaked by Indy by making huge plays when needed (Edge's fumble inside the Pats' 5, McGinest's sack that forced Vandershank to miss from 47yds at the end). They won by 11 in Arizona and then in Buffalo as they stymied the game-tying drive with a Bruschi sack/fumble of Bledsoe and Seymour picked it up for a TD and the final 14pt margin. Then the took care of Miami at home 24-10 in a game where Brady struggled...typical for him vs. Miami.

    2007: Freaking domination. Period.

    Pundits, fans of the 4-0 Colts and Cowboys and haters in general can say all they want about the Pats' 4-0 start vs. so-called weak competition, but let's face it...this isn't your typical 4-0 start.

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    You could have saved typing by pointing out that we're the first team ever (1920 doesn't count) to win each of it's first 4 by at least 20 points. I don't care who we've played, it's looked almost like practice.

    Good reading and memories though :)
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    Great post even if BF peed on your campfire while you were toasting marshmallows. :)

    I was at that Tampa game where we got spanked. Almost went at it with toothless Joe who kept swearing like a jackarse in front of a little kid whos dad was too timid to tell the guy to shut up.
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    I am glad we didn't face the best teams first. Moss and the gang are going to be that much more tight when this tougher stretch of games after the Browns comes up. Maybe even starting with the Browns...

    This is a new team in many areas, and it is to our ADVANTAGE that we have not played the hardest games early. We are a BETTER team because of it. We have a chance to get Samuels up to speed, get the WRs like Stallworth going, get our running back situation squared away (I believe that Morris will have very good stats this year, even if Maroney does as well). We have time to address the red zone issues which still haunt us, and we can work Rodney back into the fold, and we haven't missed Seymour badly to this point.

    Our schedule has been just what the doctor ordered.

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