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    Leinart-Carson Palmer. He will struggle early but eventually find his way and live up to the expectations

    Young-McNabb. Gets criticized by many that he cant do it...comes out and will be a good QB because hes confident and wont let others take him down

    Cutler-Kyle Boller.

    Bush-Tomlinson. Great hands, great vision, good moves, tremendous speed. Hes a great player and will be in the NFL.

    Williams-Marshall Faulk. Both come out of smaller schools..Faulk from San Diego State and Williams from Memphis. Small frame, very quick,great speed. Knows how to hit the hole.

    Maroney-Portis. Hes very fast and finds the hole and gets a great burst and can score whenever he gets the ball.

    White--Jamal Lewis. Hes a bigger back and has speed for his size. He can run people over like Lewis used too and can score.

    Davis- Ben Watson/Crumpler. Hes faster than a lot of WRs as is Watson. Hes got the hands like Crumpler and is very willing to block and he takes pride in it.

    Lewis-LJ Smith. More of a WR, not too good of a blocker but hes got great hands.

    Williams-Peppers. Speed for such size..thats insane. He'll be all over the QB.

    Huff-Dawkins. Hes got good size..loves to come up and hit..might overpursue a little but hes always around the ball..not quiet as explosive as Ed Reed though

    Bing-Harrison. Hes bigger than Rodney and has good feel for the game. His coverage is a question but he'll be fine..all USC Safeties get criticized for that

    Simpson-Sharper. Many doubted Sharper when he came to the NFL..after a hype about Simpson..people question him a bit more. Hes got good size and good instincts..needs to work on tackling technique

    Whitner-Mike Brown. Hes a playmaker..hes a big hitter and has a very good football IQ. A little undersized though

    i didnt add all the prospects..not that big of a college guru.
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