Companies are fleeing California!! GOOD!!

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PatriotsReign, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Companies Fleeing California For Utah Over Confiscatory Tax Rate

    "Computer software giant Adobe, computer game monster EA Games, and Internet auction king ebay are abandoning California to set up shop in Utah. Why? California’s horrid business climate and high taxes.

    Adobe Systems, maker of a suite of graphics programs such as Adobe PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, have announced that they are building a $100 million facility in either Salt Lake City or in nearby Utah County, Utah. The facility will bring thousands of jobs to Utah over the next few decades.

    In May the Internet auction company ebay also announced a major new facility to be built in Salt Lake City. The $287 million data center will also bring hundreds of new jobs to the Bee Hive State."

    Companies Fleeing California For Utah Over Confiscatory Tax Rate | Nevada News and Views

    I'm cheering these companies on...PLEASE, leave California!!

    Now that Gov. Arnold and the state legislature refuse to do anything about their horrible deficit, they SHOULD pay a heavy price for their irresponsibility.

    They refuse to address horrendous PROBLEMS with their Welfare system and state union workers' pensions. I know if a responsible person had such financial problem, they'd cut spending to fit their budget.

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    Massachusetts has been having similar problems... Millionaires are fleeing New York... amazing that higher taxes result in people trying to avoid them.
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    Impossible. That just never happens dude.
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    sweet perspective from out of state...leaves a TON out...

    This is the wonderful Prop 13 coming back to bite California yet again. Shortsighted tax-cutting that has let to a mass exodus. Buisnesses are actually getting off easy, and THEY are leaving?

    Tax burden falls to homeowners, not businesses, in Prop. 13’s wake - OC Watchdog : The Orange County Register

    On the buisness end, it isnt fair either. If you want something NEW, you will be paying up the wazoo...

    Thirty-two years after California voters passedProposition 13, longtime commercial property owners and their heirs are getting huge tax breaks that shift the burden for funding local schools and city services to newer businesses as well as to homeowners, says Jennifer Bestor, a GSB alumna who burrowed into San Mateo and Santa Clara County tax rolls. One gas station owner in her town pays $30,000 in property taxes while another pays just $14,000.

    Alum Shines Light on Prop 13 Tax Breaks
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    Adobe and EA are going to have a hard time finding as many skilled workers in Utah as there are in CA. CA universities churn out some of the best CS grads in the country, between Berkeley, Stanford, and CalTech. Silicon Valley is in California for a reason. Not a lot of people want to move to Utah. What this signals to me is that these companies are going to increase their outsourcing efforts and the H1B visa workers more than anything. Not a lot of people want to relocate to Utah.

    As a side note, Adobe and EA have been churning out inferior products for pretty much their entire existence. These are companies that are actually anathema to innovation, and represent the worst of high tech business management unless you are a fan of locking in markets and stagnating.
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    If someone in North Carolina wants to work for a top company, they'll go wherever the job is located, especially in this job market and economic climate. A lot of people working at those companies in California aren't originally from California. They relocated to follow the jobs. It may sound strange to some, but not everyone wants to go to Cali either.

    Outsourcing is a possibility, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that trend decrease in future years unless other countries rise up to take the place of the increasingly expensive labor costs coming out of India and China.

    By the way folks, you can add Maryland to the list of states that the wealthy are fleeing due to increased taxes. It shouldn't be surprising that those with the means to avoid higher taxes will do so.
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    It is also really expensive to live in the Bay Area (average home price = $630k for San Jose). Especially when compared to a smaller city like Salt Lake (avg. home price = $207k).

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