Colvin to Chargers: Stop Whining

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  1. BadMoFo

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    Colvin to Bolts: Stop whining

    By Karen Guregian | Friday, September 14, 2007 | | N.E. Patriots

    FOXBORO - Rosevelt Colvin had a pointed message for the San Diego Chargers yesterday: Grow up.

    Tired of questions about the Chargers’ grudges and vows for revenge for last season’s playoff loss and the Patriots’ taunt-filled celebration, the Pats linebacker thinks it’s time for the Chargers to get over it.

    “I don’t know what they’re paying back for. It’s last year. If they’re still sulking about it, they’re still crying about it, that’s tough. We’ve moved on,” said Colvin, who was accused by the Chargers of running into their locker room and yelling, “Lights out!” to mock Shawne Merriman following the playoff win. “We’ve tried to direct our focus on being a good football team in 2007. If they want to be upset about it, be upset about it. I think the thing we’re upset about, if you look at last year, is we didn’t win it (all). We beat them, and went to Indianapolis and got beat.”

    Colvin says the Pats’ focus is on winning and trying to see if they’re a better team than they were when they beat the Chargers, 24-21, in that AFC divisional game.

    “Regardless of what they want to talk about, what they want to say they’re upset about - hey, I’m a grown man. I’m 30 years old. You can keep playing childish games,” Colvin said. “Talk about this, talk about that, talk about how they stooped to this level, how they stooped to that level. I’m going home to my wife and my kids. This is a job. I enjoy playing the game. Calm down.”

    Colvin said they’re playing a game. They’re not fighting a war.

    “There are a lot more serious issues than someone had a video camera, or someone did a celebration dance and you felt disrespected,” Colvin said. “We have men losing their lives overseas. We have guys playing this game, the tight end in Buffalo (Kevin Everett, who may be paralyzed). Again, let’s just calm down. Let’s stop making a big deal about who danced, who got mocked, who felt disrespected, who’s got class, who doesn’t have class. We got the win. That’s what we’re looking to get this week. . . . So calm down. It’s just a football game.”

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    Best quote I have read in a long time:rocker:
  3. BelichickFan

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    The Chargers can't get revenge in a regular season game for a playoff loss. Just like if we beat the Colts in the regular season it doesn't balance out what happened last February.

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    I agree, revenge is only redeemed in the playoffs. Revenge is a strong word for a football game, but nonetheless it sure makes it fun to watch.
  5. pheenix11

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    Has anyone else heard all the trash the Chargers have been talking about the Bears as well? The whole team from LT to Merriman has shown themselves to be a classless bunch of loud mouths.

    They will be shut up on Sunday.
  6. smg93

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    I understand where you're coming from but I don't think that's the point of Rosie's message. It's not about revenge, it's just a football game and what happened last year, was last year.
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