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    The free-agency period has yet to begin but one potential free agent has already hit for a big payday. has learned that the Colts agreed to terms Wednesday with wide receiver Reggie Wayne on a six-year deal worth nearly $40 million including $13.5 million in bonus money. Wayne was slated to become an unrestricted free agent and his signing now weakens an already extremely weak receiver free agent class.
    While the contract terms have been agreed upon by both sides Wayne has not yet officially signed and should as soon as the NFL approves the deal.

    The deal also makes him the third highest-paid receiver in the NFL behind teammate Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss. By getting the Wayne deal done the Colts do not have to use the franchise tag on him, a move they were primed to make had they not worked out a new contract. It's unclear whether they will use the tag on free agent running back Edgerrin James, but right now that appears to be unlikely.

    Wayne had 83 catches this past season for 1,055 yards and five touchdowns in the Colts' high-powered attack.
    My input
    Does anyone else think that the Colts way overpaid for Wayne? He is the third highest paid WR in the league but he has only had one season –2004 – where he placed in the top 10 in receiving yards (9th) and TDs (4th). He has never had a year where he cracked the top 10 in receptions.

    Here are the numbers for 2 WRs that were drafted in 2001.
    G Rushes Yards Y/A TD | Rec Yards Y/R TD
    R. Wayne 77 1 -4 -4.0 0 | 304 4164 13.7 28
    ??? 78 32 265 8.3 0 | 315 4596 14.6 39

    Looks like the mystery WR is actually a better player than Wayne. The second WR is Chris Chambers of the Dolphins. Anyone want to pay him Reggie Wayne money? Didn’t think so. The Colts screwed up big time.
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    I think that the Colts are banking on the gang of 9 not agreeing to sharing of local revenues..which puts the CBA in danger. No CBA no salary cap. No problem. Plus this now allows them to franchise the Edge. Not a bad move.
  3. fgssand

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    good or bad for Colts?

    I see this is a contract extension - does that mean they can only spread the bonus money over four years or the entire contract?

    I wonder if this will set the stage somewhat for Givens and without question for Branch next year?

    I look forward to Patsfans analysis of this deal and what it does to the Colts cap situation.
  4. Miguel

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    Rule #1 of the offseason should be never listen to the 1st set of numbers as they are usually puffed out by the agent.
  5. Miguel

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    Over 4 years.
  6. Brady#12

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    6 more years without a ring for Reggie? :D
  7. MoLewisrocks

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    True - the last 2 years are probably all phony salary. But the Colts do seem to have a thing for overpaying their core offensive talent. Manning's signing bonus topped the highest paid at the time by 20%. I guess that's why they need Bob Kraft's extra revenue. :D

    By the 3 year smell test looks like $4.5M+ per, so I guess Polian could say it saved him $1.5M or so on the cap this year vs. using the franchise.

    Since they were even before this I assume they are now approaching $4M over. Have to be under by March 3rd, right? They either have to start making some cuts or go ahead and prorate one (or both) of Peyton or Marvin's roster bonuses to get under. They also have quite a few RFA's on the roster, many of whom are starters so likely to get a mid level tender.
  8. Brady#12

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    might they be in capp hell in a few years :confused: becuse of Harrison,Mannings and now Waynes contracts??
  9. DarrylS

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    Maybe he can go to 6 more probowls with Peyton, that is the epitome of success for a Colts player !!!
  10. This is hilarious...they made their #2 the 3rd highest paid WR in the league!!!

    say bye bye to the Colts running game!! HAHAHAHA!
  11. JR4

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    Manny just couldn't do without him
    What Manny wants .... Manny gets ... :rofl: (except a ring ) :nono:
  12. flutie2phelan

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    If that happens ... say bye bye to their winning.
  13. Patsfanin Philly

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    I don't think so. It cost them $8M to franchise him IIRC (top 5 or 120% of last year's salary) so it would jump to 9.6M this year and even they can't afford that....
    One interesting thing I hadn't realized

    Since 1999, the Colts are 77-35 -- 70-26 when he (James) plays, 7-9 when he doesn't, according to the Star.
    Rhodes is good but it will be interesting this year when teams don't respect the play action as much and sit back waiting for the pass.......
  14. MoLewisrocks

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    I believe the tag on Edge would be even higher - he actually got $9.1M last year due to some incentive bonus he'd triggered. So his tag this year might be approaching $11M. I think that is why they never planned to tag him this year. In fact last year they had initially hoped to tag and trade him but their were a few too many viable RB available in the draft and they never got a decent offer even after Rosenhaus signed on as his agent.
  15. pats1

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    If the season started today, the Colts would have the following starters, with the bold showing a difference from last year.

    QB - P. Manning
    RB - D. Rhodes (E. James and J. Mungro are UFAs)
    WR - M. Harrison
    WR - R. Wayne
    WR - B. Stokely
    TE - D. Clark
    TE - B. Fletcher

    LT - T. Glenn
    LG - R. Lilja
    C - J. Saturday
    RG - J. Scott
    RT - R. Diem

    LE - J. Thomas (R. Mathis is an RFA and R. Brock is a UFA)
    RE - D. Freeney
    DT - C. Simon
    DT - M. Reagor (L. Tripplett is a UFA, but doesn't start anymore)

    OLB - J. Goddard (D. Thornton is a UFA)
    MLB - T. Hagler (G. Brackett is an RFA and R. Morris is a UFA)
    OLB - G. Gardner (C. June is an RFA)

    CB - N. Harper
    CB - J. David
    S - B. Sanders
    S - M. Doss

    K - D. Rayner (M. Vanderjagt and J. Cortez are UFAs)
    P - H. Smith
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  16. SoonerPatriot

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    They're probably going to go the budget route with their running game.
    That offense isn't the same without James who is a superb back. They'll try to plug Rhodes or some rookie in there and quickly realize it was a mistake. :)
  17. workhorse

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    While I agree that they Colts would be much better with James, than without him. I can understand why Wayne is the one in a chosen in a difficult situation. It took the Colts a loooong time to find the complimentary number 2 WR to Marvin and if Reggie hits the FA market, he was going to get #1 money thrown at him by someone. Edge is going to be difficult to replace, but the RB market value is down and the Colts can't afford what Edge wants. Though if a new CBA gets worked out soon, I would not be surprised to see Edge get resigned eventually. I don't think that a rookie will come in a not miss a beat, but teams like Dallas with Julius Jones and Marion Barber the past two seasons have shown that even RBs that aren't top picks can perform well.

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