Colts need to win out, Root for Pats

Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by everlong, Nov 13, 2007.

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    #12 Jersey

    Steelers remaining schedule:

    Sun, Nov 18 @ NY Jets
    Mon, Nov 26 Miami
    Sun, Dec 2 Cincinnati
    Sun, Dec 9 @ New England
    Sun, Dec 16 Jacksonville
    Thu, Dec 20 @ St. Louis
    Sun, Dec 30 @ Baltimore

    Unless they don't show up the next 3 are a given. JAX at home should be a good game but as long as the Steelers take care of the ball JAX doesn't have enough offense to win this one on the road. St. Louis would concern me a little only because it's on the road and they have more talent then they have shown. Baltimore is a road game against a bitter rival but unless they turn it over a half dozen times the Ravens just cannot score.

    Because Pitt lost to AZ their conference record is better than the Colts so they would be the two seed if the two teams finish with the same record.

    I know the Colts were the 3 seed last year and won the Super Bowl but that was with a team that didn't have a lot of injuries and had a lot more depth. Plus the Pats took out the Chargers so Indy only had one road game. Indy needs the bye this year to get healthy more than any other team.

    As the 3 seed they'll likely draw either JAX or Tenn in the first round. Both physical teams in their own division who know them well. At home they probably beat either but they play an extra game and get beat up even more.

    Then they have to go to Hines and play a cold weather game against the Steelers. At home coming off a bye I'd say the Colts win this game 70% of the time. Having played JAX\Tenn then going to Pitt I'd say they only win 20%of the time.

    Let's say they beat Pitt. Now they most likely have to travel to NE. I'd say they win this game 5% of the time. Having a bye then playing at home and then going to NE their chances certainly improve.

    You can argue my percentages but I think the point is clear that the 2 seed is much more important to Indy than it is to the Steelers this year due to all of the injuries.

    That SD loss is going to prove very costly.
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