Colts expecting Saints in season opener

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MoLewisrocks, Mar 20, 2007.

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    Omitted from Polian's comments is that he expects the Pats to play 3 consecutive road games: at Baltimore, at Miami on a Monday night, then at Indy on a Sunday night, while the Colts have the prior week off to prepare for the Pats.
  3. denverpatsfan

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    Agreed. This will be the matchup.
  4. KontradictioN

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    How convenient.
  5. zoostation

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    Bears - Pats is the SB rematch that should have happened
  6. richpats

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    Well, he...err....the NFL pulled the same crap last year, except NE was guaranteed to play Indy at home (at Buffalo, at Minnesota on MNF, then vs Indy on SNF).
  7. MrTibbs

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    All jokes aside that wouldn't surprise me one bit. I can imagine the Colts getting that setup against the Patriots.
  8. DGameguy

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    Yeh but any scheduling shenanigans might be in vain the Colts are bleeding personnel.

    There's a school of thought that when the SB winner hosts the opening night game it should be against an easier opponent i.e. Pats vs. Raiders. While the Saints aren't a dog, a loss to the Saints if the Colts stumble out of the gate isn't nearly as bad as a loss to the Pats in week 1.

    However, if you look at recent history, the opening night game has been the conference chamionship rematch.
  9. workhorse

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    Are you setting up an excuse already?
  10. richpats

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    Setting up an excuse off a joke? How does that work?
  11. workhorse

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    Mine was a joke too.

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