CNN: Baathists working hand in hand with US troops

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Real World, Jun 12, 2007.

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    I've been reading more and more about this, as I did 6-12 months ago, prior to the surge policy. This all started with the tribal council in Anbar joining our side, and has shifted toward Bagdhad as AQ has been forced out of that region. It seems that no matter where AQ goes, they wear out their welcome in a serious fashion. Never the less, this is a tricky strategy, that will be made or broken by non-military means. If the citizentry, and those who are now seeking our aid, feel freer, safer, and improved in their quality of life, it'll work. If that doesn't happen, then it won't. In reading lots of blogs, and non mainstream media with respect to Iraq, I must say that this was talked about over a year ago (surge, counter insurgency, and channelling out to insurgent groups), and to date, has a chance. What upsets me most about this, is how much it points to the arrogant policies of debaathification, and disbanding the army, as being the most costly decisions made. Never the less, these groups are at least seeing that as bad as they think we are, AQ and the alternative is far worse. Either way, we're drawing down next year, so let's all hope this works.

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    Bathists And The Sh!ts

    Do They Have Hand Signals

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