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    Despite a 12-4 record, the Jaguars are the playoff team most in need of earning respect. They can whine all they want about not gaining any respect despite having victories over the Steelers, Bengals and Seahawks. But what do they expect? They had a ridiculously easy second-half schedule, facing only one winning team. They played down to bad competition. They have a quarterback question. Byron Leftwich is making his first appearance since Nov. 27 and figures to be rusty coming off a broken leg. Plus, they are playing a three-time Super Bowl champion on the road in the cold. Please, stop the lack of respect theme. The Jaguars are the longest shot for pulling off an upset. They are 7½-point underdogs and the odds might get worse. Two of their best defensive players -- linebacker Mike Peterson and defensive end Reggie Hayward -- are questionable and may not play. The Patriots may not have linebacker Tedy Bruschi, but they are relatively healthy coming into this game. Tom Brady is almost unstoppable in home playoff games. Heck, he's been unstoppable in the postseason (9-0), period. Over the past five weeks, the Patriots' defense has improved against the run, thanks to the return of defensive end Richard Seymour. The only chance the Jaguars have of winning is having a big game from Fred Taylor. Taylor can be the neutralizer if he can get 150 yards. The Jaguars take pride in their resilience. They like the fact they came from behind to win in nine of their 12 games. However, if they fall behind in New England, the Jaguars will be blown out. Of all the playoffs games, this is one that could be very one-sided.
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    He's such a good boy, very considerate of others.

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