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    I am so sick of the term "classy" being thrown around so frequently, liberally, and inappropriately (by the media and by any and all fans). For one, there is no such thing as class in football. It is a violent and aggressive sport. How does class fit that description in any way? If you've played organized football or even watched a game for that matter, you should know that. Everyone is confusing sportsmanship with classiness. I'll reiterate. It's called sportsmanship! If Ellis Hobbs is celebrating too much after a game, it's poor sportsmanship. If LT bitterly rips another team in a post-game press conference, it's poor sportsmanship. Where does class magically float into the picture?

    The way the word is thrown around, you'd think it was apart of football terminology. And if you're refferring to a football organization (as having no class), it's called bad PR--not poor class. I wish this memo could be sent around the nation and Stickied to every messageboard.
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