Classic Campaign Tactic.. Romney tries to discredit Thompson

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    From the fortunate son, local pretty boy with his four sons serving the US on his campaign trail, apparently a website was set up by his campaign folks to discredit Fred. They were able to trace it back to the Romney folks, what is interesting this guy is out there on the banner of being a stalwart of the correct has to already try to cheat to get ahead. The nice thing about this report is that it is from Captains Quarters, so it has to be right.

    People have wondered which candidates would fear a Fred Thompson candidacy the most. Tonight we may have an answer. The appearance of a snarky anti-Thompson website got journalists interested in its origin -- and that led to a surprise:

    An opposition research-laden website called "" has surfaced that hammers the GOP's newest presidential candidate for his policy positions, lobbying work, previous dating life and ties to John McCain.
    There is no disclaimer on the site and the anonymous e-mailer who sent along the link declined to identify himself/herself.

    The domain was secured last month from a Utah-based web-hosting provider, Reached by phone, an employee of the company declined to identify who had purchased the site.

    Clearly, though, this is no amateur effort. The volume of information and the way that it's sourced reeks of a grasstops hit-job. Repeatingly calling Thompson "Phoney Fred" in the on-message style of political operatives, the site offers up unflattering quotes with the standard attribution style of oppo everywhere. It's reminscient of such professionally-done attack sites as the NRSC's infamous-in-political-circles "Fancy Ford," the webpage the GOP senatorial committee used last fall to portray Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. as a high-rolling lady's man with a taste for luxury living.

    The Washington Post discovered more when it tracked the site registration back to its source. The domain is hosted by Bluehost, and it is linked to another web domain called -- and that is tied to political consultants already attached to Mitt Romney's campaign:

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